Artistic intervention, where the world of the arts is brought into organizations, has increasingly become a research field in itself with strong links to both creativity and innovation. Opportunities for the arts to interact with public and private organizations occur worldwide, but during the last decade artistic interventions have received growing attention in both practice and research.

This book is the first comprehensive attempt to map the development of the field and provides an international overview of the area of artistic interventions and their impact on organizations from different perspectives, ranging from strategic management to organizational development, innovation and organizational learning. Featuring chapters from prominent and emerging scholars, including Nancy J. Adler, Barbara Czarniawska, Lotte Darsø and Alexander Styhre, it places artistic interventions within an international context. The book also offers readers the opportunity to learn from experiences in a varied range of organisations, including newspapers, manufacturing, government, schools, and covers many art-forms, such as music, contemporary dance, painting, photography, and theatre.

Using extensive empirical examples, this book is vital reading for researchers and scholars of creativity and cultural industries, as well as innovation, creative entrepreneurship, organizational studies and management.

part I|34 pages

Framing the field

chapter 2|17 pages

Arts-in-business from 2004 to 2014

From experiments in practice to research and leadership development

part III|46 pages

Learning from success and failure

part IV|62 pages

Experiences with different art forms

chapter 8|26 pages

From aspiration to evidence

Music, leadership and organizational transformation

chapter 10|19 pages

Playing the ‘Magic If’

A theatre director’s perspective on intervening

part V|56 pages

Responsibility for making it happen

chapter 12|21 pages

Mind the gap!

Bridging strategies for artistic interventions in organizations

chapter 13|14 pages

Organizational studios

Enabling innovation

part VI|14 pages