This volume comprehensively captures trends in productivity and its determinants in the post-reform period for Indian manufacturing. It provides an up-to-date survey of different methods employed in measuring productivity and their applications across organized and unorganized sectors, including food, beverages, furniture, gems, chemicals, petroleum and rubber, metals and minerals, paper products, publishing, textiles, etc. The essays examine the uneven impact of economic reforms and growth on the performance of the manufacturing sector. This will be especially useful to students and scholars of economics, business and management, policymakers and governmental agencies, particularly those interested in Indian economy and manufacturing.

chapter 1|20 pages


ByVinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj S N and Kunal Sen

part |2 pages

Part 1: Methodology, Analytical Issues, Data Quality and Review

chapter 2|40 pages

Methods and Issues in Productivity Measurement

ByVinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj S N and Kunal Sen

chapter 3|12 pages

Data on Manufacturing Sector: Current Status and Challenges

ByG.C. Manna

chapter 5|26 pages

Manufacturing in India: Has There Been a Revival Since the 1990s?

ByJayan Jose Thomas

chapter 6|29 pages

Productivity in Indian Manufacturing: An Empirical Comparison of the Methodologies

ByVinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj S N and Kunal Sen

part |2 pages

Part 2: Macro-approach to Productivity Measurement

chapter 11|23 pages

Productivity, Technical Progress and Scale Efficiency in Indian Manufacturing: New Evidence Using a Non-parametric Approach

ByValarmathi Pradeep, Anup K. Bhandari, Mita Bhattacharya, Jong-Rong Chen, Chih-Hai Yang

part |2 pages

Part 3: Regional and Micro-approach to Productivity Measurement

part |2 pages

Part 4: The Way Forward