This handbook provides a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics and prospects of democratization in East Asia. A team of leading experts in the field offers discussion at both the country and regional level, including analysis of democratic attitudes and movements in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Evaluating all the key components of regime evolution, from citizen politics to democratic institutions, the sections covered include:

• Regional Trends and Country Overviews

• Institutions, Elections, and Political Parties

• Democratic Citizenship

• Democratic Governance

• The Political Economy of Democratization

Examining the challenges that East Asian emerging democracies still face today, as well as the prospects of the region's authoritarian regimes, the Routledge Handbook of Democratization in East Asia will be useful for students and scholars of East Asian Politics, Comparative Politics, and Asian Studies.

chapter |16 pages


An overview of East Asian democratization

section 1|142 pages

Regional trends and country stories

chapter 1|21 pages

East Asian democratization in comparative perspective

Viewing through the eyes of the citizens

chapter 2|13 pages

Japanese democracy

chapter 3|16 pages

South Korean democratization

A comparative empirical appraisal 1

chapter 5|22 pages

Democracy in Mongolia

Public perceptions of its development and future challenges

chapter 6|14 pages

Protracted transition in a liberal autocracy

The case of Hong Kong

chapter 7|20 pages

China’s developmental authoritarianism

Dynamics and pitfalls

section 2|90 pages

Institution, election and political parties

chapter 9|14 pages

How electoral systems shape the life of a democracy

The East Asian model

chapter 10|18 pages

The development of party systems

chapter 11|16 pages

Politics of party polarization in East Asia

A comparison of South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan

chapter 12|16 pages

Constitutional divergence in East Asia

Causes and consequences

section 3|94 pages

Democratic citizenship

chapter 16|13 pages

Women’s political empowerment

chapter 19|16 pages

The Asian values debate

A reassessment from the perspective of democratization

section 4|82 pages

Democratic governance