This collection of David H. Barlow‘s key papers are a testimony to the collaborative research that he engendered and directed with associates who now stand with him at the forefront of experimental psychopathology research and in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. His research on the nature of anxiety and mood disorders resulted in new conceptualizations of etiology and classification. This research led new treatments for anxiety and related emotional disorders, most notably a new transdiagnostic psychological approach that has been positively evaluated and widely accepted. Clinical psychology will benefit from this collection of papers with connecting commentary.

chapter |28 pages


A Career in Psychology
ByDavid H. Barlow

part |20 pages

Methodology and Clinical Research

chapter Article 1|13 pages

Behavior Therapy

The Next Decade
ByDavid H. Barlow

chapter Article 2|5 pages

Why Can’t We Be More Idiographic in Our Research?

ByDavid H. Barlow, Matthew K. Nock

part |118 pages

Treatment of Anxiety and Related Disorders

chapter Article 3|7 pages

Social Reinforcement in the Modification of Agoraphobia

ByStewart Agras, Harold Leitenberg, David H. Barlow

chapter Article 4|10 pages

Behavioral Approaches to Anxiety Disorders

A Report on the NIMH-SUNY, Albany, Research Conference
ByDavid H. Barlow, Barry E. Wolfe

chapter Article 5|7 pages

Behavioral Conception and Treatment of Panic

ByDavid H. Barlow

chapter Article 6|30 pages

The Process of Fear and Anxiety Reduction

Affective Therapy
ByDavid H. Barlow

chapter Article 7|17 pages

A Comparison of Alprazolam and Behavior Therapy in Treatment of Panic Disorder

ByJanet S. Klosko, David H. Barlow, Robin Tassinari, Jerome A. Cerny

chapter Article 8|3 pages

The Development of an Anxiety Research Clinic

ByDavid H. Barlow

chapter Article 9|16 pages

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Imipramine, or Their Combination for Panic Disorder

A Randomized Controlled Trial
ByDavid H. Barlow, Jack M. Gorman, M. Katherine Shear, Scott W. Woods

chapter Article 10|26 pages

Toward a Unified Treatment for Emotional Disorders

ByDavid H. Barlow, Laura B. Allen, Molly L. Choate

part |16 pages

Nature, Diagnosis, and Etiology of Anxiety and Related Disorders

chapter Article 11|14 pages

The Phenomenon of Panic

ByDavid H. Barlow, James Vermilyea, Edward B. Blanchard, Bonnie B. Vermilyea, Peter A. Di Nardo, Jerome A. Cerny

chapter Article 12|16 pages

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

The Role of Anxiety and Cognitive Interference
ByDavid H. Barlow