Rapidly changing global demographics demand visionary, collaborative, and culturally appropriate leadership practices on university campuses. In the face of widening gaps in academic achievement and socio-economic roadblocks, Culturally Responsive Leadership in Higher Education offers a new vision of leadership, where diversity is transformed from challenge into opportunity. This book offers a range of perspectives from culturally, racially, linguistically, ability, and gender-diverse contributors who demonstrate that effective leadership springs from those who engage, link theory to practice, and promote access, equity, and educational improvement for underserved students. Each chapter explores a critical higher educational leadership issue with feasible strategies and solutions. In this exciting book, theory and research-based chapters unpack culturally responsive leadership, revealing how higher education leaders in the U.S. and international contexts can improve their practice for social equity and educational change.

chapter 1|13 pages


The Urgent Call for Culturally Responsive Leadership in Higher Education

part I|44 pages

Interrupting Inequities for Improving Access in Higher Education

chapter 3|13 pages

Applied Critical Leadership and Sense of Belonging

Lessons Learned from Cultural Center Staff and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Latino/a Students

chapter 4|15 pages

“I am Culturally Aware, I am Culturally Burdened”

Poetry and Narrative as Critical Practice in Teacher Education

part II|61 pages

Adapting Culturally Responsive Leadership to Benefit Those Who Are Systemically Underserved

chapter 5|15 pages

Women of Color and Applied Critical Leadership

Individual, Professional, and Institutional Strategies for Advancement

chapter 6|17 pages

Hope Remains

Transcending Barriers to Advance Women of Color in Educational Leadership

chapter 8|14 pages

Together to the Table

Applying Critical Leadership in Cross-Cultural, International Research

part III|44 pages

Ways of Leading toward Increased Equity and Improved Student Achievement

chapter 9|13 pages

“Do Not Assume We Know”

Perspectives of Pacific Island First in the Family Students

chapter 10|14 pages

Beyond Critical Mass

Latina Faculty Advancing Equity in a Hispanic-Serving Institution

chapter 11|15 pages

Transition to Leadership

Metamorphosis of Faculty to Academic Leaders

part IV|61 pages

Institutionalized Culturally Responsive Leadership

chapter 12|13 pages

Smashing the Glass Ceiling

Accountability of Institutional Policies and Practices to Leadership Diversity in Higher Education

chapter 13|14 pages

From Ideas to Actions

Institutionalizing Diversity, Social Justice, and Equity Efforts

chapter 14|15 pages

Social Justice Leadership

Silos to Synergies

chapter 15|17 pages

Culturally Responsive Leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand

Establishing Opportunities through Tertiary and Community Partnerships

chapter |3 pages


Privileging Student Voice: Establishing Sustainable Pathways toward Culturally Responsive Leadership in Academe