Public Administration Evolving: From Foundations to the Future demonstrates how the theory and practice of public administration has evolved since the early decades of the twentieth century. Each chapter approaches the field from a unique perspective and describes the seminal events that have been influential in shaping its evolution.

This book presents major trends in theory and practice in the field, provides an overview of its intellectual development, and demonstrates how it has professionalized. The range from modernism to metamodernism is reflected from the perspective of accomplished scholars in the field, each of whom captures the history, environment, and development of a particular dimension of public administration. Taken together, the chapters leave us with an understanding of where we are today and a grounding for forecasting the future.

chapter 1|18 pages

The Public Context

chapter 3|26 pages

From Trust to Doubt

The Federal Government’s Tough Challenges

chapter 4|20 pages

From Local to Global

chapter 5|18 pages

From Silos to Networks

Hierarchy to Heterarchy 1

chapter 6|22 pages

From Administration to Management

chapter 7|34 pages

From Outputs to Outcomes

chapter 8|34 pages

From Paper to Cloud

chapter 9|18 pages

From Sameness to Differentness

chapter 10|22 pages

From Equality to Social Equity