This handbook highlights present-day information and evidence-based knowledge in the field of children’s behavioral health to enable practitioners, families, and others to choose and implement one of many intervention approaches provided. Using a standardized format, best practices for the prevention and treatment of many childhood behavioral disorders are identified based on current research, sound theory, and behavioral trial studies. This revision includes an integration of the DSM-5 diagnostic manual and new chapters on childhood psychosis and military families, and a thorough updating of the research in the previous edition.

Introduction Thomas P. Gullotta and Gary M. Blau  Section I: Foundations  1: From Theory to Practice: Treatment Prevention Possibilities Thomas P. Gullotta  2: Diagnoses in Children and Adolescents Christopher Bellonci  3: Childhood Growth and Development and the Etiology of Mental Disorders  Kaitlyn H. Motley, Emily K. Lichvar, and Rebecca B. Flatow  4: Ecological and Community-Level Influences on Child Development Jill Antonishak and N. Dickon Reppucci  5: Principles and Approaches to Primary Prevention Martin Bloom  6: The Evidence Base for Treating Children’s Mental Health Disorders E. Wayne Holden and Elizabeth A. Hudson  Section II: Family Behavioral Health Issues  7: Family Life and Military Service Kristen N. Williams-Washington, Chmaika Mills, Mary H. Thornquist, and Micah J. Sickel  8: Child and Youth Adjustment in Stepfamilies Anthony G. James, Kevin R. Bush, and Gary W. Peterson  9: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender-Headed-Families and Their Children Sylvia K. Fisher, Jeffrey M. Poirier, and Gary M. Blau  10: Children of Parents with Depression Maria DiFonte and Tracy R.G. Gladstone  11: Physical Abuse in Childhood Preston A. Britner, Jonelle A. Reynolds, and Sharon G. Portwood  12: Sexual Abuse in Childhood: The Abused Child Teaniese Latham Davis and Ralph J. DiClemente  Section III: Behavioral Health Issues  13: Anxiety Disorders in Childhood Patricia A. Graczyk, Meghann M. Hennelly, and Sucheta D. Connolly  14: Depressive and Bipolar Disorders in Children and Youth Donna L. Burton  15: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Childhood Christine H. Wang, Kelsey E. Woods, and Andrea Chronis-Tuscano  16: Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder in Childhood Adam R. Fisher and Thomas L. Sexton  17: Autism Spectrum Disorders in Childhood Jill Locke, Colleen M. Harker, Elizabeth A. Karp, and Hilary E. Kratz  18: Child and Adolescent Psychosis Kate Hardy, Tushita Mayanil, David A. Graeber, and Steven Adelsheim  Section IV: Epilogue  19: Reflection, Assessment, and Looking Ahead in the Field of Children’s Mental Health Emily K. Lichvar, Tanvi Ajmera, Gary M. Blau, and Thomas P. Gullotta