Surface and Underground Projects is the last volume of the five-volume set Rock Mechanics and Engineering and contains twenty-one chapters from key experts in the following fields:

- Slopes;
- Tunnels and Caverns;
- Mining;
- Petroleum Engineering;
- Thermo-/Hydro-Mechanics in Gas Storage, Loading and Radioactive Waste Disposal.

The five-volume set “Comprehensive Rock Engineering”, which was published in 1993, has had an important influence on the development of rock mechanics and rock engineering. Significant and extensive advances and achievements in these fields over the last 20 years now justify the publishing of a comparable, new compilation. Rock Mechanics and Engineering represents a highly prestigious, multi-volume work edited by Professor Xia-Ting Feng, with the editorial advice of Professor John A. Hudson. This new compilation offers an extremely wideranging and comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in rock mechanics and rock engineering and is composed of peer-reviewed, dedicated contributions by all the key experts worldwide.

Key features of this set are that it provides a systematic, global summary of new developments in rock mechanics and rock engineering practices as well as looking ahead to future developments in the fields. Contributors are worldrenowned experts in the fields of rock mechanics and rock engineering, though younger, talented researchers have also been included. The individual volumes cover an extremely wide array of topics grouped under five overarching themes: Principles (Vol. 1), Laboratory and Field Testing (Vol. 2), Analysis, Modelling and Design (Vol. 3), Excavation, Support and Monitoring (Vol. 4) and Surface and Underground Projects (Vol. 5).

This multi-volume work sets a new standard for rock mechanics and engineering compendia and will be the go-to resource for all engineering professionals and academics involved in rock mechanics and engineering for years to come.

part |66 pages


chapter 1|23 pages

Discontinuity controlled slope failure zoning for a granitoid complex: A fuzzy approach

ByZ. Gurocak, S. Alemdag, H.T. Bostanci, C. Gokceoglu

chapter 2|40 pages

Risk management of rock slopes in a dense urban setting

ByK.K.S. Ho, D.O.K. Lo, R.W.H. Lee

part |284 pages

Tunnels and Caverns

chapter 3|40 pages

Tunnels in the Himalaya

ByR.K. Goel, Bhawani Singh

chapter 4|19 pages

Tunnels and tunneling in Turkey

ByN. Bilgin, C. Balci

chapter 5|23 pages

Tunnels in Korea

ByS. Jeon, Y.H. Suh, S.P. Lee, S.B. Lee, K. Suh

chapter 6|28 pages

Siah Bisheh powerhouse cavern design modification using observational method and back analysis

ByM. Sharifzadeh, R. Masoudi, M. Ghorbani

chapter 7|61 pages

Construction of large underground structures in China

ByXia-Ting Feng, Quan Jiang, Yong-Jie Zhang

chapter 9|24 pages

Key problems in the design of diversion tunnel in Jinping II hydropower station

ByC.S. Zhang, N. Liu, W.J. Chu

chapter 10|36 pages

Headrace tunnel of Jinping-II hydroelectric project

ByWu Shiyong

part |127 pages


chapter 12|24 pages

Review on rock mechanics in coal mining

ByM.C. He, G.L. Zhu, W.L. Gong

chapter 13|31 pages

Status and prospects of underground thick coal seam mining methods

ByB.K. Hebblewhite

chapter 14|43 pages

Pillar design issues in coal mines

ByEbrahim Ghasemi

part |140 pages

Petroleum Engineering

chapter 16|43 pages

Four critical issues for successful hydraulic fracturing applications

ByA.P. Bunger, B. Lecampion

chapter 17|24 pages

Hydromechanical behavior of fault zones in petroleum reservoirs

ByS.A.B. da Fontoura, N. Inoue, G.L. Righetto, C.E.R. Lautenschläger

part |127 pages

Thermo-/Hydro-Mechanics in Gas Storage, Loading and Radioactive Waste Disposal

chapter 18|29 pages

Advanced technology of LNG storage in lined rock caverns

ByE.S. Park, Y.B. Jung, S.K. Chung, D.H. Lee, T.K. Kim

chapter 19|31 pages

Hydromechanical properties of sedimentary rock under injection of supercritical carbon dioxide

ByA. Arsyad, Y. Mitani, T. Babadagli

chapter 20|38 pages

Hydro-mechanical coupling of rock joints during normal and shear loading

ByM. Sharifzadeh, S.A. Mehrishal, Y. Mitani, T. Esaki

chapter 21|25 pages

Thermo-hydro-mechanical couplings in radioactive waste disposal

ByA. Millard