When originally published in 1981 this was the first book to bring together in one volume some of the most thoughtful work by British academics and specialists studying the political violence and terrorism which had recently challenged Britain and other Western democracies. Four chapters consider the strategy and tactics of the IRA and the problems of the Northern Ireland conflict. Other articles discuss the phenomena of international terrorism.

Essential reading for courses on political violence, revolution war and staregic studies, this volume will also be of relevance for training course in military and police staff colleges.

chapter |12 pages


ByPaul Wilkinson

chapter |27 pages

Politics and Propaganda of the Provisional IRA

ByMaurice Tugwell

chapter |10 pages

IRA Leadership Problems

ByEdgar O’Ballance

chapter |6 pages

Terror in Ireland—and Britain’s Response

ByMerlyn Rees

chapter |18 pages

Another Final Battle on the Stage of History

ByJillian Becker

chapter |15 pages

The British Police and Terrorism

ByF.E.C. Gregory

chapter |12 pages

Management of the Kidnap Risk

ByRichard Clutterbuck

chapter |33 pages

Proposals for Government and International Responses to Terrorism

ByPaul Wilkinson