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chapter 1|12 pages


Foreign Policy Priorities and Institutions: Perspectives and Issues
ByAdeed Dawisha

part I|93 pages


chapter 2|25 pages

Priorities of Russia’s Foreign Policy and the Way It Works

ByNodari A. Simonia

chapter 3|24 pages

Structure, Institutions, and Process

Russia’s Changing Foreign Policy
ByJeffrey Checkel

chapter 4|18 pages

Russia’s Far Eastern Policy in the 1990s

Priorities and Prospects
ByAndrew A. Bouchkin

part II|63 pages

The Western Newly Independent States

chapter 6|27 pages

Ukraine in the New Geopolitical Environment

Issues of Regional and Subregional Security
ByNikolai A. Kulinich

chapter 7|14 pages

Belarus’s Foreign Policy Priorities and the Decision-Making Process

ByVyacheslau E. Paznyak

part III|172 pages

The Southern Newly Independent States

chapter 10|31 pages

Regional and Global Powers and the International Relations of Central Asia

ByMohiaddin Mesbahi

chapter 11|17 pages

Emerging Patterns in the International Relations of Central Asia

ByMark N. Katz

chapter 14|31 pages

Armenia’s Foreign Policy

Defining Priorities and Coping with Conflict
ByRouben Paul Adalian

chapter 15|7 pages


Imperialism, Dependence, and Interdependence in the Eurasian Space
ByKaren Dawisha