An impressive interdisciplinary effort by Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Western Sinologists and Judaic Studies specialists, these books scrutinize patterns of migration, acculturation, assimilation, and economic activity of successive waves of Jewish arrivals in China from approximately A.D.1100 to 1949.

part I|46 pages

Traditional Chinese Awareness of Jews

chapter I.A|11 pages

Chinese Research on Jewish Diasporas in China

ByXu Xin

chapter I.B|12 pages

An Investigation of the Date of Jewish Settlement in Kaifeng

ByWei Qianzhi, Roger Des Forges

chapter I.C|7 pages

New Trends and Achievements in Chinese Research on Ancient Chinese Jews

ByWang Yisha, Albert E. Dien

part II|73 pages


chapter II.A|8 pages

Shanghai: A Woman’s Eyewitness Report

ByIllo L. Heppner

chapter II.C|15 pages

Growing Up Jewish in Manchuria in the 1930s: Personal Vignettes

ByAlexander Menquez

chapter II.D|13 pages

On Being a Jew in China: A Personal Memoir

ByIsrael Epstein

chapter II.E|12 pages

My Developmental Years in China: Yosef Tekoah

BySteve Hochstadt

chapter II.F|10 pages

From Berlin to Tianjin

ByHeinz Dawid