Contemporary Theological Approaches to Sexuality provides a much-needed overview of the state of scholarship on Christian theological reflection on sexuality and sexual theology. Critically, it also intervenes in the cultural debate over sexuality by privileging feminist, queer, and other counter-normative perspectives. Comprising twenty-three chapters by a team of international contributors this volume is divided into four parts:

• Normativity and transgression

• Bodies

• Economies and violence

• Divinity.

Within these sections central issues, debates and problems are examined, including consideration of the complexities of Christian theology in regard to contemporary sexuality debates. Contemporary Theological Approaches to Sexuality is essential reading for students and researchers in the field of religion, sexuality, and Christianity.

part I|22 pages

Normativity and transgression

part II|110 pages


chapter 2|15 pages


chapter 3|13 pages


chapter 4|18 pages

A sexual communion of subjects

The way of uncomfortable knowledge

chapter 7|11 pages


The “not necessarily Christian alternative” available to pre-Stonewall gay women

chapter 8|11 pages


chapter 9|9 pages

Queering desire 1

part III|112 pages

Economies and violence

chapter 10|11 pages


chapter 11|16 pages

Just sex work

A liberation theological, Marxist economic, and global feminist analysis of the sex in the sex trade

chapter 12|14 pages

Christian theology, sexuality and globalization

Shifting practices, revitalizing traditions

chapter 15|7 pages

Reproductive rights and women’s rights

Justice in sexual relationships

chapter 16|22 pages

AIDS: deviancy, stigma, and grace

Counter-theology from the genitals of the Body of Christ

chapter 17|23 pages

Queer incarnational bedfellows

Christian theology and BDSM practices

part IV|88 pages


chapter 18|22 pages

Love and desire

chapter 21|24 pages

More than a divine ménage à trois

Friendship, polyamory, and the doctrine of the Trinity

chapter 22|11 pages

Sacramental sex/uality

chapter 23|9 pages

Virgin Mary, mother of God

From phallic fetish to fleshy womanhood?