The guidelines and skills required to become a nurse are always changing and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the current standards. This book has been specifically designed to address the main skills you need to meet NMC requirements.

Becoming a Nurse will demystify what you need to know while preparing you to meet NMC standards and become a confident, practising professional. The book introduces the many subjects outside the biological which are none the less essential for both pre-registration and practising nurses. This new edition has been thoroughly updated throughout, and includes four new chapters on psychosocial concepts for nursing; sociological concepts for nursing; spiritual care; and preceptorship and transition. Like the previous edition the book also covers:

Law, ethics and policy

Management and leadership

Communication, interpersonal skills and interprofessional working

Evidence based practice

Medicines management

Public health

and professional development

Each chapter is packed full of case studies, discussion question and further readings to encourage critical thinking and reflection. It is an excellent resource to prepare you for your programme or to refresh your knowledge of NMC standards.

chapter 1|16 pages

Introduction: the state of UK nursing

ByPaul Snelling, Derek Sellman

chapter 2|34 pages

Professional issues

ByJanet Holt

chapter 3|28 pages


ByPaul Snelling

chapter 4|33 pages


ByRichard Thomas, Paul Snelling

chapter 5|33 pages

Health policy

ByIain Snelling

chapter 6|31 pages

Management and leadership

ByIain Snelling, Cathryn Havard, David Pontin

chapter 7|25 pages

Interprofessional working

ByKatherine Pollard, Julie Bugler, Sally Hayes

chapter 8|26 pages

Evidence-based practice

ByMark Broom, Elaine Mahoney, Derek Sellman

chapter 9|24 pages


ByDerek Sellman, Stephen Evans, Jackie Younker

chapter 10|25 pages

Sociological concepts for nursing

ByMargaret Miers

chapter 11|25 pages

Psychological concepts for nursing

ByDaniel Farrelly, Paul Snelling

chapter 12|26 pages

Spiritual care

ByJanice Clarke

chapter 13|23 pages

Judgement and decision-making

ByPádraig MacNeela, P. Anne Scott, Gerard Clinton, David Pontin, Derek Sellman

chapter 14|27 pages

Communication and interpersonal skills

ByVictoria Lavender

chapter 15|26 pages

Public health

ByJane Thomas

chapter 16|27 pages

Learning and teaching

ByDerek Sellman, Jane Tarr

chapter 17|33 pages

Personal and professional development through reflective practice

ByClare Hopkinson

chapter 18|36 pages

Medicines management

ByClaire Fullbrook-Scanlon

chapter 19|26 pages

Preceptorship and transition

ByDavid Cudlip