The second edition of Corporate Real Estate Asset Management is fully up to date with the latest thought and practice on successful and efficient use of corporate office space. Written from an occupier’s perspective, the book presents a ten-point CREAM model that offers advice on issues such as sustainability, workplace productivity, real estate performance measurement, change management and customer focus. In addition, new case studies provide real-life examples of how corporations in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi actively manage their corporate real estate.

The book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students on corporate real estate, facilities management and real estate courses and international MBA programmes.

chapter 1|16 pages

The CREAM context

chapter 2|33 pages


Understanding the business environment

chapter 3|27 pages


How company and corporate strategies can be aligned

chapter 4|18 pages


How a company aligns its real estate with its culture, mission and values

chapter 5|23 pages


How real estate can support business processes, activities and work styles

chapter 6|55 pages


Selecting appropriate real estate options that support the strategic and financial requirements of the corporate occupier

chapter 7|31 pages


Selecting appropriate locations, buildings and configurations

chapter 8|17 pages


The importance of the interaction between people and real estate

chapter 9|38 pages


How CREAM can integrate sustainability, responsibility and governance

chapter 10|39 pages


How to measure and benchmark the performance of corporate real estate

chapter 11|30 pages


How CREAM can support improved business productivity

chapter Case study 3|17 pages

Practising what they preach: CBRE Tokyo office

Transformational change and the introduction of ABW

chapter Case study 4|13 pages

Benchmarking key aspects of CREAM

The Middle East-based RICS/MECO study

chapter Case study 5|15 pages

Planet: two examples of sustainable solutions

(1) Amazon Court, Prague, a win–win solution; (2) IRENA HQ, Abu Dhabi, sustainability in a challenging climate

chapter Case study 6|12 pages

CREAM in the public sector

The strategic use of real estate in achieving efficient and quality public service, Nottinghamshire, UK

chapter Case study 7|14 pages

Co-working in action

JustCo Singapore

chapter Case study 8|10 pages

Workplace transformation

Nokia connecting people

chapter Case study 9|10 pages

Headquarter reconfiguration

The Hong Kong Jockey Club