There has been an explosion of work on consciousness in the last 30–40 years from philosophers, psychologists, and neurologists. Thus, there is a need for an interdisciplinary, comprehensive volume in the field that brings together contributions from a wide range of experts on fundamental and cutting-edge topics. The Routledge Handbook of Consciousness fills this need and makes each chapter’s importance understandable to students and researchers from a variety of backgrounds. Designed to complement and better explain primary sources, this volume is a valuable "first-stop" publication for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in any course on "Consciousness," "Philosophy of Mind," or "Philosophy of Psychology," as well as a valuable handbook for researchers in these fields who want a useful reference to have close at hand. The 34 chapters, all published here for the first time, are divided into three parts:

  • Part I covers the "History and Background Metaphysics" of consciousness, such as dualism, materialism, free will, and personal identity, and includes a chapter on Indian philosophy. 
  • Part II is on specific "Contemporary Theories of Consciousness," with chapters on representational, information integration, global workspace, attention-based, and quantum theories. 
  • Part III is entitled "Major Topics in Consciousness Research," with chapters on psychopathologies, dreaming, meditation, time, action, emotion, multisensory experience, animal and robot consciousness, and the unity of consciousness. 

Each chapter begins with a brief introduction and concludes with a list of "Related Topics," as well as a list of  "References," making the volume indispensable for the newcomer and experienced researcher alike. 

chapter |8 pages


ByRocco J. Gennaro

part |96 pages


chapter |13 pages

Consciousness, Personal Identity, and Immortality

ByAmy Kind

chapter |14 pages

Consciousness in Western Philosophy

ByLarry M. Jorgensen

chapter |13 pages


ByJanet Levin

chapter |13 pages


ByWilliam S. Robinson

chapter |14 pages

Idealism, Panpsychism, and Emergentism

The Radical Wing of Consciousness Studies
ByWilliam Seager

chapter |14 pages

Consciousness, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility

ByGregg D. Caruso

chapter |13 pages

Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem in Indian Philosophy

ByChristian Coseru

part |127 pages

Contemporary Theories of Consciousness

chapter |15 pages

Representational Theories of Consciousness

ByRocco J. Gennaro

chapter |15 pages

The Global Workspace Theory

ByBernard J. Baars, Adam Alonzi

chapter |12 pages

Integrated Information Theory

ByFrancis Fallon

chapter |13 pages

The Multiple Drafts Model

ByFrancis Fallon, Andrew Brook

chapter |12 pages

The Intermediate Level Theory of Consciousness

ByDavid Barrett

chapter |14 pages

The Attention Schema Theory of Consciousness

ByMichael S. Graziano

chapter |14 pages

Biological Naturalism and Biological Realism

ByAntti Revonsuo

chapter |14 pages

Sensorimotor and Enactive Approaches to Consciousness

ByErik Myin, Victor Loughlin

chapter |16 pages

Quantum Theories of Consciousness

ByPaavo Pylkkänen

part |244 pages

Major Topics in Consciousness Research

chapter |13 pages

The Neural Correlates of Consciousness

ByValerie Gray Hardcastle, Vicente Raja

chapter |12 pages

Consciousness and Attention

ByWayne Wu

chapter |11 pages

Consciousness and Intentionality

ByDavid Pitt

chapter |15 pages

Consciousness and Conceptualism

ByPhilippe Chuard

chapter |12 pages

Consciousness, Time, and Memory

ByIan Phillips

chapter |12 pages

Consciousness and Action

ByShaun Gallagher

chapter |12 pages

Consciousness and Emotion

ByDemian Whiting

chapter |15 pages

Multisensory Consciousness and Synesthesia

ByBerit Brogaard, Elijah Chudnoff

chapter |14 pages

Consciousness and Psychopathology

ByRocco J. Gennaro

chapter |15 pages

Post-Comatose Disorders of Consciousness

ByAndrew Peterson, Tim Bayne

chapter |13 pages

The Unity of Consciousness

ByElizabeth Schechter

chapter |9 pages

The Biological Evolution of Consciousness

ByCorey J. Maley, Gualtiero Piccinini

chapter |20 pages

Animal Consciousness

BySean Allen-Hermanson

chapter |12 pages

Robot Consciousness

ByJonathan Waskan

chapter |16 pages

Consciousness and Dreams

From Self-Simulation to the Simulation of a Social World
ByJennifer M. Windt

chapter |13 pages

Meditation and Consciousness

Can We Experience Experience as Broken?
ByJake H. Davis

chapter |14 pages

Consciousness and End of Life Ethical Issues

ByAdina L. Roskies

chapter |14 pages

Consciousness and Experimental Philosophy

ByChad Gonnerman