The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Translation presents expert and new research in analysing and solving translation problems centred on the Chinese language in translation.

The Handbook includes both a review of and a distinctive approach to key themes in Chinese translation, such as translatability and equivalence, extraction of collocation, and translation from parallel and comparable corpora. In doing so, it undertakes to synthesise existing knowledge in Chinese translation, develops new frameworks for analysing Chinese translation problems, and explains translation theory appropriate to the Chinese context.

The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Translation is an essential reference work for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars actively researching in this area.

part I|98 pages

Chinese translation in academic settings

chapter 1|16 pages

The Chinese tradition of translation studies

Review, reconstruction and modernisation

chapter 2|18 pages

Global Chinese translation programmes

An overview of Chinese English translation/interpreting programmes

chapter 4|23 pages

Translation assessment in China and Australia

Gaps and prospects

chapter 5|18 pages

Teaching and learning translation

Traditional approach and new direction

part III|85 pages

The social context of Chinese translation

chapter 11|16 pages

A sociological turn to research of Chinese translation practice

With reference to the translation production of Harry Potter

chapter 12|16 pages

Chinese media translation

chapter 13|23 pages

Censorship and translation in Mainland China

General practice and a case study

chapter 15|15 pages

Chinese translation market

part IV|82 pages

The process of translation and Chinese interpreting

part V|58 pages

Chinese literary translation

chapter 21|17 pages

Revolutionary road

Ibsen, translation, modern Chinese history

chapter 22|14 pages

The Story of the Stone’s journey to the West

The history of the English translations of Hongloumeng

part VI|69 pages

Specialised Chinese translation

chapter 26|17 pages

Patent translation

chapter 28|16 pages

Translating Chinese medicine

History, theory, practice

part VII|68 pages

Chinese translation and language technology

chapter 32|14 pages

Technical translation in China

Overview, practice and resources