The Routledge Handbook of Korean Culture and Society is an accessible and interdisciplinary resource that explores the formation and transformation of Korean culture and society.

Each chapter provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking overview on key topics, including: compressed modernity, religion, educational migration, social class and inequality, popular culture, digitalisation, diasporic cultures and cosmopolitanism. These topics are thoroughly explored by an international team of Korea experts, who provide historical context, examine key issues and debates, and highlight emerging questions in order to set the research agenda for the near future.

Providing an interdisciplinary overview of Korean culture and society, this Handbook is an essential read for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well scholars in Korean Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, and Asian Studies in general.


Part I Formation of Korea

1. Compressed Modernity in South Korea: Constitutive Dimensions, Manifesting Units, and Historical Conditions

2. Militarized Modernity and Gendered Mass Mobilization

3. The Socioeconomic Foundations of South Korea’s Democracy Movement

4. The Seventy-Year History of North Korean Cultural Formation

5. Religion in Twenty-first Century Korean Lives

Part II Transforming Korea

6. The Muddled Middle Class in Globalized South Korea

7. South Korean Youth across Three Decades

8. The Korean Family in Transition

9. Immigrant Subempire, Migrant Labor Activism and Multiculturalism in Contemporary South Korea

10. North Korea Now: Turning Point for a Regime of Rightlessness?

Part III Digital Korea

11. How to Understand the Emergence of Digital Korea

12. Modern Korean Literature and Cultural Identity in a Pre- and Post-Colonial Digital Age

13. South Korean Cinema Story in the Digital Age: 21st Century Success on a 20th Century Medium?

14. Digital Media and Democratic Transition in Korea

15. Digital Media and the Rise of Connected Individuals in Korea

Part IV Global Korea

16. Korean Diaspora and Diasporic Nationalism

17. An Overview of Korean American Women’s Writing: "Skin Upon Skin"

18. The Korean Wave: Korean Popular Culture in a Digital Cosmopolitan World

19. K-Pop Music and Transnationalism

20. Transnational Sport and Expressions of Global Koreanness