The Routledge Handbook of Housing Policy and Planning provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary overview of contemporary trends in housing studies, housing policies, planning for housing, and housing innovations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe. In 29 chapters, international scholars discuss aspects pertaining to the right to housing, inequality, homeownership, rental housing, social housing, senior housing, gentrification, cities and suburbs, and the future of housing policies.

This book is essential reading for students, policy analysts, policymakers, practitioners, and activists, as well as others interested in housing policy and planning.

section Section 1|26 pages

Right to Housing

chapter 1|12 pages

The Right to Housing

The Goal Versus the Reality

chapter 2|12 pages

A Home Away From Home

Housing Refugees in the Netherlands During the European Refugee Crisis

section Section 2|66 pages


section Section 4|44 pages

Rental Housing

chapter 10|12 pages

Subsidized Rental Housing Programs in the U.S.

A Case of Rising Expectations

chapter 12|16 pages

Accommodating and Accumulating

How the Property Interests of Homeowners and Renters Impact Housing Satisfaction

section Section 6|54 pages

Senior Housing

section Section 7|61 pages


chapter 21|17 pages

A Moving Target

The Shifting Genealogy of Gentrification

chapter 22|15 pages

Preventing Gentrification-Induced Displacement in the U.S.

A Review of the Literature and a Call for Evaluation Research

chapter 23|13 pages

Urban Restructuring, Demolition, and Displacement in the Netherlands

Uncovering the Janus Head of Forced Residential Relocation

chapter 24|14 pages

State-Sponsored Gentrification or Social Regeneration?

Symbolic Politics and Neighborhood Intervention in an Amsterdam Working-Class Neighborhood

section Section 8|27 pages


chapter 25|10 pages

Housing Policy and the Suburban Metropolis

A Focus on the United States and France

chapter 26|15 pages

A New Generation of “Single-Family” Homes

Multigenerational Homebuilding in the Suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona

section Section 9|43 pages

The Future of Housing

chapter 27|15 pages

Addressing Affordability Challenges

The Role and Scope of Local Housing Plans

chapter 28|16 pages

Affordable Housing

Program Financing and Policies in U.S. States

chapter 29|10 pages

Prediction Is Difficult

The Future of Housing Policy and Housing Studies