Teaching Outdoors Creatively offers guidance and a variety of exciting ideas to suit the full range of primary schools and locations. Underpinned by current research and practical experience, it investigates innovative approaches to working creatively with children beyond the classroom.

While recognising the diverse needs and opportunities that primary schools have to develop the outdoors as part of their curriculum, it presents a broad range of activities, philosophies and approaches. Key themes explored include:

  • Understanding and using local and home environments
  • Investigating streets and buildings in your area
  • Planning fieldwork
  • Using rivers to inspire children
  • Forest schools
  • Beach schools
  • Physical education outdoors
  • Learning through adventure.

 Teaching Outdoors Creatively supports teaching and learning in a wide range of settings, from schools in rural and urban areas, to off-site outdoor education centres and residential visits. With a focus on developing effective and stimulating learning environments for children it is a must-have resource for all busy trainee and practising teachers.

chapter 1|11 pages

Everyday Places And Spaces

ByStephen Pickering

chapter 2|14 pages

Taking The Learning Outdoors AT KS1

Extending early years practice for 5 to 7 year olds
ByJulia Tanner

chapter 3|16 pages


Investigating streets and buildings in the local area
ByStephen Scoffham

chapter 4|17 pages

Creative Fieldwork

Whose place is this anyway?
ByPaula Owens

chapter 5|12 pages

Storying The Outdoors

BySharon Witt

chapter 6|10 pages

Forest School

Opportunities for creative and spiritual growth
BySara Knight

chapter 7|16 pages

Beach Schools

ByMargaret Mackintosh

chapter 8|14 pages

Curious Explorations

ByJane Whittle

chapter 10|17 pages

Creative Approaches to Teaching Through Adventure

ByLee Pritchard, Colin Wood

chapter 11|10 pages

The Future Outdoors

Learning from around the world
ByStephen Pickering