Lifestyle Sports and Public Policy is the first book to develop a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between lifestyle sports and the public policy environment which frames and regulates them. Drawing on a wide range of lifestyle sports from across the globe, including parkour, skateboarding, mountain biking and climbing, it identifies the critical issues facing practitioners and policymakers as these sports become increasingly popular.

Part I examines public sector bodies that provide lifestyle sports opportunities to the public, either through funding partners or by managing facilities themselves. Part II looks at the use of lifestyle sports to promote policy agendas such as improving public health, while Part III considers the impact of public sector regulatory actions on the lifestyle sports industry. Each part contains case studies which investigate a policy issue from the perspective of a different lifestyle sport, including some sports which have traditionally been under-represented such as rodeo and curling.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in lifestyle sports, leisure studies, sport tourism, leisure management or sport policy.

chapter 1|10 pages


ByDaniel Turner, Sandro Carnicelli

part I|50 pages

Lifestyle sport and provision

chapter 2|14 pages

Performing citizenship

Skateboarding and the formalisation of informal spaces
ByDaniel Turner

chapter 3|16 pages

The business of lifestyle sport

ByRyan J. Gagnon, Garrett A. Stone, Bob Brookover, Barry A. Garst, Spensir M. Mowery

chapter 4|18 pages

Undisciplined spaces

Lifestyle sports and sport-for-all policies in Italy
ByDavide Sterchele, Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, Simone Digennaro, Antonio Borgogni

part II|56 pages

Lifestyle sports and promotion

chapter 5|19 pages

Snow sports tourism development policies in Turkey

ByKorel Göymen, O. Cenk Demiroglu, Cana Tülüş

chapter 6|18 pages

Between lifestyle sports and ecotourism

Public policies for adventure activities in Brazil
ByMarília Martins Bandeira, Silvia Cristina Franco Amaral

chapter 7|17 pages

Where nature and culture coalesce

The social, cultural and political impact of outdoor recreation in Sheffield
ByJames Cherrington, Maxine Gregory

part III|79 pages

Lifestyle sports and policing

chapter 8|18 pages

Contested seascapes

Birds, surfers and county governors
ByStig Løland, Tommy Langseth

chapter 10|23 pages

Signposting risk

Parkour parks and the materialities of regulation
ByPaul Gilchrist, Guy Osborn

chapter 11|13 pages

The cowboy way

Pain and the bull riding lifestyle
ByLindsey Gaston

chapter 12|3 pages


Future directions in lifestyle sports and public policy
ByDaniel Turner, Sandro Carnicelli