Using case studies from Africa, South America, Asia and the Caribbean, this book examines the progress made in uniting national aspirations of sustainable development strategies with their local implementation. Comparing the situation on the ground with formal national environmental action plans, the book compares progress, or the lack of progress, between different sectors, cultures, regions and resources throughout the developing world. It examines whether local knowledge and actions are undermining national aspirations or whether they are being ignored at the national level with detrimental consequences to sustainable development. The measurement of sustainable development, the role of formal and informal education in sustainable development and the significance of diverse voices in the practice of sustainable development are considered. The book draws lessons from those cases which appear to be experiencing positive moves towards sustainability and examines whether common frameworks exist which suggest that good practice may be transferable from one milieu to another.

chapter 1|14 pages

Uniting National Aspirations and Local Implementation in Sustainable Development: An Introduction

ByAlan Terry, Jennifer Hill, Wendy Woodland

chapter 2|16 pages

Gathering Evidence: The Challenge of Assessing Sustainability after a Resettlement Programme in Zimbabwe

ByJennifer Elliott, Bill Kinsey, Dominik Kwesha

chapter 4|16 pages

Sustainability Indicators and Forest Wealth in the Developing World

ByGiles Atkinson

chapter 7|22 pages

Children, Education and Sustainable Development in Lesotho

ByNicola Ansell

chapter 13|18 pages

Managing Indonesia’s Marine Resources: the Role of Indigenous Communities

ByAlan Terry, Samantha Shepherd

chapter 14|22 pages

Environmental Policies for Modern Agriculture?

ByChristian Brannstrom, Anthony M. Filippi

chapter 15|20 pages

Uniting National Aspirations and Local Implementation in Sustainable Development: Lessons Learnt and Ways Forward

ByDevelopment: Lessons Learnt and Ways Forward Alan Terry, Jennifer Hill and Wendy Woodland