Enhancing our understanding of how people and places are affected by globalization at the level of everyday interactions within ’Nordic Peripheries’, this book sheds light on local particularities as well as global confluences, by illuminating how gender, mobility and belonging contribute to ruptures and/or stability in the lives of men and women living in and/or moving within these northern localities. Crossing disciplinary and geographical boundaries the focus of the book is specifically on how global processes shape and influence the Nordic countries at the social level: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, as well as the Faroe Islands. The book starts from the premise that the Nordic peripheries offer an especially powerful lens on ’peripherality’ in a globalized and globalizing world, because the region as a whole is traditionally perceived as relatively affluent, stable and with high levels of social equality. Yet, as the different chapters in the book demonstrate - with case studies that illuminate diverse gendered processes - globalization produces ruptures and new social constellations also at the rims of Nordic societies, well beyond the cushioning of comprehensive social welfare regimes. By elevating the empirical findings to more general debates about the gendered effects of globalization the book invites the reader to reflect upon not only Nordic particularities but also how insights from this part of the world can be instructive for understanding the nuances and complexities of global confluences at large.

part I|33 pages

Setting the Scene

chapter 2|16 pages

Particularities of the Nordic

Challenges to Equality Politics in a Globalized World

part II|73 pages

Constructing Place, Space and Home

chapter 3|16 pages

The Internal Other

Reproducing and Reworking Center and Periphery

chapter 4|20 pages

Moving to the Periphery

A Longitudinal Study of Movers and Non-Movers

chapter 5|20 pages

At Home Anywhere?

Particularities of Belonging Seen Through a Camera Lens

chapter 6|16 pages

When the Strangers Take Root

Ambivalent Feelings of Belonging and Identities

part III|47 pages

Gendered Global Circuits

chapter 7|16 pages

Taking Advantage of Peripherality

Gendered and Ethnicized Mobilities in the Context of Post-9/11 Globalization

chapter 8|16 pages

New Figurations of Labor in Gendered Global Circuits

Migrant Workers in the Forest Berry Industry in Norrland, Sweden

chapter 9|14 pages

Women and Men on the Move

From the Philippines to Iceland

part IV|71 pages

Between the Local and the Global

chapter 10|16 pages

Rural Immigrant Entrepreneurship

An Arena for New Constructions of Gender in Finnmark, Northernmost Norway

chapter 11|16 pages

Being Away; Being at Home; Being Both

The Case of Faroese Maritime Workers

chapter 12|16 pages

Young in a Global Context

Gender, Mobility and Belonging in North Denmark

chapter 13|14 pages

Place Attachment, Unemployment and Masculinity

Young Men in the High North

chapter |8 pages


Globalization Through the Nordic Periphery