Mountains are the home of significant ecological resources - wildlife habitat, higher elevation plant systems, steep slopes, delicate soils and water systems. These resources are subject to very visible and growing pressures, most of which are caused by the unique features of mountains. Using as case studies four mountain resorts in the US and Canada, this book analyzes the extent to which the law protects the ecological systems of mountains from the adverse impacts associated with the development, operation and expansion of resorts. In order to examine these issues, Mountain Resorts takes an interdisciplinary approach, with contributions from ecologists and lawyers who focus on ski-related activities, increasing four-season use of the mountains and expanding residential, commercial and recreational development at the mountains' base. Its analysis of an array of US and Canadian federal, state and local laws provides a multifaceted exploration of the intersection of ecology and the law at mountain resorts.

chapter 1|20 pages

The Landscape of This Book

part II|82 pages

Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

chapter 6|16 pages

An Introduction to Loon Mountain and the Loon Resort

Armenians between Two Spiritual Centers, Etchmiadzin and Cilicia

chapter 7|14 pages

The Legal Foundation for the South Mountain Expansion Proposal

The Early Permits and the Forest Management Planning Regime

chapter 8|32 pages

The South Mountain Expansion

Did the National Forest Planning and Environmental Impact Statement Framework Cause Decision-Makers to Take an Ecosystem-Based Approach?

part III|60 pages

Whiteface Mountain Ski Center, New York

chapter 12|26 pages

The Legal Regime Affecting Whiteface Mountain

Does It Take an Ecological Approach?

chapter 13|12 pages

The Legal Regime Affecting Private Lands Around Whiteface

Does It Take an Ecological Approach?

chapter 14|4 pages


part IV|2 pages

Killington Resort, Vermont

part VI|29 pages

A Vision for the Mountains

chapter 23|28 pages

The Challenges of Joining Ecology with the Law

A Vision for the Mountains