'Ordinary theology' characterizes the reflective God-talk of the great majority of churchgoers, and others who remain largely untouched by the assumptions, concepts and arguments that academic theology takes for granted. Jeff Astley coined the phrase in his innovative study, Ordinary Theology: Looking, Listening and Learning in Theology, arguing that 'speaking statistically ordinary theology is the theology of God's Church'. A number of scholars have responded to this and related conceptualizations, exploring their theological implications. Other researchers have adopted the perspective in examining a range of Church practices and contexts of Christian discipleship, using the tools of empirical study. Ordinary theology research has proved to be key in uncovering people's everyday lay theology or ordinary dogmatics. Exploring Ordinary Theology presents fresh contributions from a wide range of authors, who address the theological, empirical and practical dimensions of this central feature of ordinary Christian existence and the life of the Church.

part |2 pages

Part I Reflecting on Ordinary Theology: Analytical and Theological Perspectives

part |2 pages

Part II Researching and Situating Ordinary Theology: Empirical and Contextual Perspectives

chapter 8|10 pages

Jesus as Exemplar

chapter 13|10 pages

The Bible and Ordinary Readers

chapter 18|10 pages

Ordinary Discipleship

chapter 20|10 pages

Ordinary Learning