This impressive collection of original essays explores the relationship between social conflict and the environment - a topic that has received little attention within criminology. The chapters provide a systematic and comprehensive introduction and overview of conflict situations stemming from human exploitation of environments, as well as the impact of social conflicts on the wellbeing and health of specific species and ecosystems. Largely informed by green criminology perspectives, the chapters in the book are intended to stimulate new understandings of the relationships between humans and nature through critical evaluation of environmental destruction and degradation associated with social conflicts occurring around the world. With a goal of creating a typology of environment-social conflict relationships useful for green criminological research, this study is essential reading for scholars and academics in criminology, as well as those interested in crime, law and justice.

chapter 1|38 pages

Toward a Criminology of Environment-Conflict Relationships

ByAvi Brisman, Nigel South, Rob White

part I|2 pages

Conflict over Natural Resources Possession

part IV|2 pages

Conflict over Natural Resources Extraction Processes

chapter 11|24 pages

The Hidden Injuries of Mining: Frontier Cultural Conflict

ByKerry Carrington, Russell Hogg, Alison McIntosh

chapter 13|28 pages

Environment and Conflict: A Typology of Representations

ByAvi Brisman