Dynamics of Political Violence examines how violence emerges and develops from episodes of contentious politics. By considering a wide range of empirical cases, such as anarchist movements, ethno-nationalist and left-wing militancy in Europe, contemporary Islamist violence, and insurgencies in South Africa and Latin America, this pathbreaking volume of research identifies the forces that shape radicalization and violent escalation. It also contributes to the process-and-mechanism-based models of contentious politics that have been developing over the past decade in both sociology and political science. Chapters of original research emphasize how the processes of radicalization and violence are open-ended, interactive, and context dependent. They offer detailed empirical accounts as well as comprehensive and systematic analyses of the dynamics leading to violent episodes. Specifically, the chapters converge around four dynamic processes that are shown to be especially germane to radicalization and violence: dynamics of movement-state interaction; dynamics of intra-movement competition; dynamics of meaning formation and transformation; and dynamics of diffusion.

part I|65 pages

Dynamics of Interaction between Oppositional Movements/Groups and the State

part II|76 pages

Competition and Conflict

chapter 5|22 pages

Competitive Escalation During Protest Cycles

Comparing Left-wing and Religious Conflicts

chapter 7|30 pages

The Limits of Radicalization

Escalation and Restraint in the South African Liberation Movement

part III|67 pages

Dynamics of Meaning Formation

chapter 8|20 pages

Contentious Interactions, Dynamics of Interpretations, and Radicalization

The Islamization of Palestinian Nationalism 1

chapter 10|18 pages

From National Event to Transnational Injustice Symbol

The Three Phases of the Muhammad Cartoon Controversy

part IV|69 pages

Dynamics of (Transnational) Diffusion

chapter 11|18 pages

Radicalization from Outside

The Role of the Anarchist Diaspora in Coordinating Armed Actions in Franco’s Spain

chapter 12|20 pages

Protest Diffusion and Rising Political Violence in the Turkish ’68 Movement

The Arab-Israeli War, “Paris May” and The Hot Summer of 1968

chapter 13|18 pages

The Evolution of the al-Qaeda-type Terrorism

Networks and Beyond

chapter 14|12 pages