This volume examines the connection between culture and defence by providing an inside look at Brazil’s aerospace strategies.

Brazil is becoming increasingly important geopolitically, and several studies have sought to further understanding of this new position in the international arena. This volume aims to provide a better understanding of the Brazilian nation, its security dilemmas, and how the country seeks to develop its defence training process and improve its professional military education. Organised into two parts, the chapters offer academic dialogues on several aspects of this topic, including public politics and the law, joint operations, human factors and the government interchanges with industry. The first section analyses Brazilian defence policy and strategy, discussing different aspects of aerospace power and Brazilian security perspectives. Chapters discuss the relationship between Brazil and the United States, which blend aspects of the generation of knowledge, science, technology and innovation, and point to economic issues and the Defence Industrial Base. Specific implications of the Brazilian air space, compared with Europe and the United States, also are exposed. In addition, a vision of cyberspace implications for the national power, a present-day question for the entire planet, is also presented. Thereafter, the second section looks at specific aspects of professional military education and explains the Brazilian approach to strengthening its aerospace power. This includes military education and performance, interdisciplinary studies, working jointly, multivariate analysis and cases.

This book will be of much interest to students of military studies, defence studies, gender issues, crises management and decision making, Latin American politics and International Relations in general.

part 1|92 pages

Brazilian defence policy and strategy

chapter 3|10 pages

Brazilian national system of innovation in defence

Recent government initiatives

chapter 4|11 pages

Industrial Base Defence

An analysis of the space systems industry in Brazil

chapter 5|15 pages

Technological autonomy in the space sector and national sovereignty

Innovating through the complementarity of organisational knowledge

chapter 7|8 pages

Human dignity and sovereignty

An analysis of the constitutionality of shooting down civilian aircraft

chapter 8|11 pages

Brazilian cyber power

A new perspective on the expression of national power

part 2|90 pages

Aspects of professional military education

chapter 10|11 pages

Intervening variables in the basic doctrine of the Brazilian Air Force

A methodological proposal from the perspective of dynamic complex systems

chapter 11|14 pages

Ágata Operations

Lessons learned from the logistics command

chapter 12|8 pages

Armed Forces integration

The Brazilian case 1

chapter 14|8 pages

Attribution of weights in judgements about aptitude for military piloting

Comparison of multiple linear regression, multi-criteria analysis and principal components 1

chapter 16|12 pages

Gender and defence

Trends and approaches in Brazil