The professional practice as well as the academic discipline of planning has been fundamentally re-invented all over the world in recent decades. In this astonishing transition, the thinking and scholarship of Patsy Healey appears as a constantly recurring influence and inspiration around the globe. The purpose of this book is to present, discuss and celebrate Healey’s seminal contributions to the development of the theory and practice of spatial planning. The volume contains a selection of 13 less readily available, but nevertheless, key texts by Healey, which have been selected to represent the trajectory of Patsy’s work across the several decades of her research career. 12 original chapters by a wide range of invited contributors take the ideas in the reprinted papers as points of departure for their own work, tracing out their continuing relevance for contemporary and future directions in planning scholarship. In doing so, these chapters tease out the themes and interests in Healey’s work which are still highly relevant to the planning project. The title - Connections - symbolises relationality, possibly the most outstanding element linking Patsy’s ideas. The book showcases the wide international influence of Patsy’s work and celebrates the whole trajectory of work to show how many of her ideas on for instance the role of theory in planning, processes of change, networking as a mode of governance, how ideas spread, and ways of thinking planning democratically were ahead of their time and are still of importance.

part 1|20 pages


part 2|9 pages

Normative Perspectives

chapter 2|13 pages

Towards a People-Sensitive Planning*

ByPatsy Healey, Rose Gilroy

chapter 3|18 pages

Re-enchanting Democracy as a Mode of Governance*

ByPatsy Healey

part 3|1 pages

Places and Practice

part III.1|12 pages

The Planning Development Nexus: How Places are Produced and Changed

chapter 7|13 pages

Structure and Agency in Land and Property Development Processes: Some Ideas for Research*

ByPatsy Healey, Susan M. Barrett

chapter 8|11 pages

Development Plans and Markets*

ByPatsy Healey

chapter 10|10 pages

Planning Wild Cities

ByWendy Steele

part III.2|12 pages

Doing Planning Work

part 4|10 pages

Transformation Processes

chapter 20|16 pages

Planning and Change*

ByPatsy Healey

chapter 24|15 pages

Collaborative Planning Crossing Borders: Practice in the Context of Egypt

ByZeinab Noureddine Tag-Eldeen

part 5|1 pages


chapter |5 pages


People, Place and Shaping Futures: Struggling for Practically-relevant Understanding
ByPatsy Healey