Health research and health care practice are radically transforming as governments invest more in large scale, national and international health projects with increasing levels of interdisciplinarity as populations age and as nations grow wealthier. This volume examines the structures and dynamics of scientific collaboration in health research and health care. Bringing together detailed research from the US, Canada, Europe and Japan, Collaboration Across Health Research and Medical Care sheds light on the features, environments and relationships that characterise collaboration in health care and research, exploring changing patterns of collaboration and examining the causes and consequences of team work in the health domain. With attention to the increasingly porous boundaries between health care and research, the book not only investigates research settings, but also considers the manner in which knowledge produced in laboratories and clinics is translated into day-to-day medical and care practice and health initiatives. It offers a rich examination of the political, technical and organisational facets of collaboration and the implications of changes in collaboration for every day treatment and practice, Collaboration Across Health Research and Medical Care will be of interest to scholars of sociology and science and technology studies, as well as those working in the field of health policy and research.

part II|70 pages

Collaboration in Health Research

chapter 3|28 pages

From Virus to Vaccine

Projectification of Science in the VIRGO Consortium

chapter 5|18 pages

Credible to Collaborators Themselves

How Corporations and Trade Associations Made Trans Fats into a Problem

part III|47 pages

Collaborative Health Infrastructures

part IV|67 pages

Collaboration in Health Care

chapter 8|22 pages

Shifting Collaborations and the Quest for Legitimacy

Observation of Regenerative Medicine Research in Japan

chapter 9|24 pages

Boundary-Spanning Engagements on a Neonatal Ward

Reflections on a Collaborative Entanglement between Clinicians and a Researcher

part V|11 pages


chapter 11|10 pages

The Health of Collaborations

A Reflection