Britpop and the English Music Tradition is the first study devoted exclusively to the Britpop phenomenon and its contexts. The genre of Britpop, with its assertion of Englishness, evolved at the same time that devolution was striking deep into the hegemonic claims of English culture to represent Britain. It is usually argued that Britpop, with its strident declarations of Englishness, was a response to the dominance of grunge. The contributors in this volume take a different point of view: that Britpop celebrated Englishness at a time when British culture, with its English hegemonic core, was being challenged and dismantled. It is now timely to look back on Britpop as a cultural phenomenon of the 1990s that can be set into the political context of its time, and into the cultural context of the last fifty years - a time of fundamental revision of what it means to be British and English. The book examines issues such as the historical antecedents of Britpop, the subjectivities governing the performative conventions of Britpop, the cultural context within which Britpop unfolded, and its influence on the post-Britpop music scene in the UK. While Britpop is central to the volume, discussion of this phenomenon is used as an opportunity to examine the particularities of English popular music since the turn of the twentieth century.

chapter |8 pages


ByAndy Bennett, Jon Stratton

part |2 pages

Section 1 History and Context

chapter 1|16 pages

Music Hall and the Commercialization of English Popular Music

ByDave Laing

chapter 2|14 pages

Skiffle, Variety and Englishness

ByJon Stratton

chapter 3|14 pages

Englishing Popular Music in the 1960s

ByJon Stratton

chapter 4|16 pages

Trainspotting: The Gendered History of Britpop

BySheila Whiteley

chapter 5|16 pages

Missing Links: Britpop Traces, 1970–1980

ByAndy Bennett

part |2 pages

Section 2 Britpop

chapter 7|20 pages

The Britpop Sound

ByDerek B. Scott

chapter 8|22 pages

Britpop or Eng-pop?

ByJ. Mark Percival

part |2 pages

Section 3 Post-Britpop

chapter 10|16 pages

Devopop: Pop-Englishness and Post-Britpop Guitar Bands

Byian Collinson

chapter 11|14 pages

Worries in the Dance: Post-Millennial Grooves and Sub-Bass Culture

ByNabeel Zuberi