Air transport in the Asia Pacific has undergone significant transformation in the last three decades. What was once a region in the shadow of larger and more prosperous continents such as North America and Europe is now at the forefront of expansion in commercial air-service networks, frequency and capacity, and the overall growth in the contribution of air transport to economies on regional and, in many cases, individual country levels. Despite this, it represents an area that is generally under-represented in the commercial air-transport academic literature. Air Transport in the Asia Pacific seeks to fill this gap. Against this context, the aim of the volume is to offer a contemporary snapshot of current academic research into commercial air transport in the Asia Pacific. While one volume cannot realistically address the complete range of identifiable issues, this book provides timely, specific and research-based studies authored by leading academics and practitioners.

chapter 1|10 pages

Scale and Scope of Commercial Air Transport in the Asia Pacific

ByDavid Timothy Duval

chapter 3|20 pages

Years of Change

chapter 4|19 pages

Current Issues in Airport Management in New Zealand

ByDavid Lyon, Graham Francis

chapter 6|20 pages

Suitability of the Low-cost Airline Model in the South Pacific Region

BySemisi Taumoepeau

chapter 8|18 pages

Air Transport and Spatiality of Tourist Flows: The Case of Australia

ByTay T.R. Koo, Cheng-Lung Wu, and Larry Dwyer

chapter 10|12 pages

Commercial Aviation Data in the Asia Pacific Region

ByAaron Schiff

chapter 15|18 pages

The Future of Multilateral Liberalisation of Air Transport in Asia

ByAlan Khee-Jin Tan