Optimizing Learning Outcomes provides answers for the most pressing questions that mental health professionals, teachers, and administrators are facing in today’s schools. Chapters provide a wide array of evidence-based resources—including links to video segments—that promote understanding, discussion, and successful modeling. Accessible how-to trainings provide readers with multiple sensory-based practices that improve academic success and promote behavioral regulation. Clinicians and educators will come away from this book with a variety of tools for facilitating brain-based, trauma-sensitive learning for all, realizing improved learning outcomes, improving teacher satisfaction, and reducing disciplinary actions and suspensions.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 1|21 pages

Twenty First Century Neuroscience, Learning, and Behavior

Not Doing More; Doing Differently

chapter 3|16 pages

Multi-Sensory Practices for All

Changing Physiology, Behavior, and Performance

chapter 4|21 pages

Students with Sensory Processing Challenges

Classroom Strategies

chapter 5|24 pages

Brief Connections That Matter (CTMs)

Student–Teacher Relationship

chapter 6|13 pages

Growth Mindsets for Learning

Effective Effort

chapter 10|18 pages

Compassionate Schools

Responding to Kids Impacted by Adversity, Trauma, and Toxic Stress