Individuals, international organizations and states are calling for the world to confront climate change. Efforts such as the Kyoto Protocol have produced intractable disputes and are deemed inadequate. This volume adopts two constructivist perspectives - norm-centred and discourse - to explore the social construction of climate change from a broad, theoretical level to particular cases. The contributors contend that climate change must be understood from the context of social settings, and that we ignore at our peril how power and knowledge structures are generated. They offer a greater understanding of why current efforts to mitigate climate change have failed and provide academics and policy makers with a new understanding of this important topic.

part |2 pages

Part II: Discourse Analytical Perspective

chapter 7|24 pages

Singing Climate Change into Existence: On the Territorialization of Climate Policymaking

ByMatthew Paterson, Johannes Stripple

chapter 11|12 pages

Conclusion: The Constructions of Climate Change

ByLoren R. Cass, Mary E. Pettenger