Countering the many claims that the best days of capitalism are over following the economic meltdown of 2008 onwards, this book provocatively argues that a new golden age of capitalism - or upwave - began around 2002, and despite the unstable markets in the western world of the past few years, this upwave will produce previously unseen levels of wealth creation during the next twenty years. Basing this theory on the commercialisation of new technologies and the growth of new markets, the author claims that these positive trends are key to economic recovery in the US, UK and Europe. It argues that the most serious problem facing some countries in the west is government debt and that macroeconomic policy is of limited use in flexible and adaptive economies, where innovation, entrepreneurship and private investment should be encouraged in a range of cities and city regions. This highly original book will interest those concerned with national economies, nation states and urban policy.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 2|18 pages

The Long Waves of Capitalist Growth

chapter 3|22 pages

The Problem with Economics

chapter 4|16 pages

Real Economies, Real Places

chapter 5|26 pages

Growth and Decline: Part I – Merchants and Mercantile Capitalism 66

ByItalian City States: Venice and Florence

chapter 7|18 pages

The New Upwave 115

ByNew Work

chapter 8|16 pages