The Legacy of Edith Kramer presents a unique exploration into the life and work of the groundbreaking artist and art therapist. This edited volume examines the artist’s personal and cultural history prior to relocating to the United States as well as the later years when she worked as an artist, art therapist, and teacher as she developed her theoretical understanding of art therapy. Kramer’s solutions to creating a meaningful artist’s life run throughout the chapters within this book, and provide the reader with a sense of what is possible. Written by an international group of contributors, this informative new text offers a multifaceted view of Edith Kramer that will be appreciated by current and future art therapists looking to better understand Kramer’s exceptional mind and contributions to the field.

chapter |12 pages


A Generous and Challenging Artist's Worldview

part |33 pages

More Recent History

chapter 5|7 pages

Edith Kramer

A Generous, Generative Genius

chapter 7|8 pages

Edith Kramer at New York University


chapter 8|4 pages

Teaching with Edith

part |24 pages

Artist Identity

chapter 10|8 pages

Edith Kramer's Artistic Legacy

Beyond the Studio

chapter 11|2 pages

Remembering Edith Kramer

chapter 12|3 pages

An Edith Collage

chapter 13|3 pages

The Mosaic 1

chapter 14|6 pages

Create Your Own

Kramer's Criteria for Quality as Central to Art Therapy

part |52 pages

Edith Kramer's Theoretical Concepts

chapter 17|7 pages

Sublimation Then and Now

chapter 19|7 pages

Edith Kramer's Third Hand

Intervention in Art Therapy

chapter 20|9 pages

Kramer's Sublimation

Creative Expansion or Limitation?

part |25 pages


chapter 21|3 pages

Panel Remarks

Edith Kramer 1

chapter 22|4 pages

Gleaning the Pearls

Reflections of a Student

chapter 23|5 pages

Tales of Edith

chapter 24|11 pages

Formed Expression

part |62 pages

Edith Kramer's Concepts Applied to Practice

chapter 26|10 pages


A Case Study Illustrating Edith's Teachings

chapter 28|9 pages

Art and Cancer

Transference and Countertransference: Channeling Edith Kramer

part |40 pages

Art, Art Therapy, and Culture

chapter 32|11 pages

Quality and Inner Satisfaction

Re-Visiting the Importance of Quality in Art and Art Therapy 1

chapter 34|6 pages

Religion and Cultural Humility

Lessons Learned in Conversation and Practice 1

chapter 35|10 pages

Sense of Place

Edith Kramer's Wisdom for Times of Isolation and Dissociation

part |37 pages

Saying Goodbye

chapter 38|5 pages

On Leaving and Preserving

chapter 39|7 pages

Creating a World of Possibility

Life Lessons from Edith Kramer

chapter 40|5 pages


Is This the End or the Beginning?