As technology becomes an ever more prevalent part of everyday life and population-based physical activity programmes seek new ways to increase lifelong engagement with physical activity, so the two have become increasingly linked. This book offers a thorough, critical examination of emerging technologies in physical activity and health, considering technological interventions within the dominant theoretical frameworks, exploring the challenges of integrating technology into physical activity promotion and offering solutions for its implementation.

Technology in Physical Activity and Health Promotion occupies a broadly positive stance toward interactive technology initiatives and, while discussing some negative implications of an increased use of technology, offers practical recommendations for promoting physical activity through a range of media, including:

  • social media
  • mobile apps
  • global positioning and geographic information systems
  • wearables
  • active videogames (exergaming)
  • virtual reality settings.

Offering a logical and clear critique of technology in physical activity and health promotion, this book will serve as an essential reference for upper-level undergraduates, postgraduate students and scholars working in public health, physical activity and health and kinesiology, and healthcare professionals.

part |66 pages

Introduction to emerging technology and physical activity health

chapter |23 pages

Foundations of technology and health effects of physical activity

ByZan Gao, Zachary Pope, Nan Zeng

chapter |20 pages


Promoting physical activity and health through emerging technology
ByHaichun Sun, Nan Zeng, Zan Gao

chapter |21 pages

Social and behavioral theories in promoting physical activity

ByZan Gao, Jung Eun Lee

part |153 pages

Emerging technologies in physical activity and health

chapter |19 pages

Computer and Internet use in enhancing physical activity

ByJung Eun Lee, Zan Gao

chapter |18 pages

Online social media and physical activity promotion

ByJung Eun Lee, Zan Gao

chapter |23 pages

Mobile device apps in enhancing physical activity

ByZachary Pope, Zan Gao

chapter |17 pages

Health wearable devices and physical activity promotion

ByNan Zeng, Zan Gao

chapter |39 pages

Active video games and physical activity promotion

ByZan Gao, Nan Zeng, Zachary Pope

chapter |16 pages

Virtual reality in physical activity promotion

ByNan Zeng, Zan Gao

part |22 pages

Applications for physical activity and health promotion