Complete with a CD-ROM, this specialized edition of The History Highway 3.0 guides users to the incredible amount of information on world history available on the Internet like no other resource. It covers thousands of sites, and the CD-ROM features the entire contents as PDF files with live links, so that users can put the disk into their computers, go online, and click directly to the sites. In addition, the best sites for researchers of all types are highlighted as "Editor's Choice," and there is also helpful information about using the Internet and evaluating information in an online environment.

part I|30 pages

Getting Started

chapter 1|15 pages

The Basics

chapter 2|13 pages

Signing On

part II|427 pages

Internet Sites for Historians

chapter 3|5 pages

General History

chapter 4|7 pages

World History

chapter 5|15 pages

Ancient History

chapter 6|15 pages

Medieval History

chapter 8|15 pages

African History

chapter 9|12 pages

Asian History

chapter 11|5 pages

Canadian History

chapter 12|99 pages

European History

chapter 13|11 pages

Latin American History

chapter 14|113 pages

United States History

chapter 15|9 pages


chapter 16|21 pages

Modern Military History

chapter 17|13 pages

Maps and Images

chapter 18|10 pages


chapter 20|10 pages

Special Collections

chapter 21|19 pages

Online Reference Desk