Collection of essays representing the analysis and policy proposals of a wide range of economists, and dealing with many contentious issues about the re-structuring strategies of Latin American debtor countries, their economic and political adjustments, and schemes for external financing.  Visits to customers by a cross-functional team of marketers and engineers play an important role in new product development, entry into new markets, and in exploring customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The new edition of this widely used professional resource provides step-by-step instructions for making effective use of this market research technique. Using a wealth of specific examples, Edward F. McQuarrie explains how to set feasible objectives and how to select the right number of the right kind of customers to visit. One of the leading experts in the field, McQuarrie demonstrates how to construct a discussion guide and how to devise good questions, and offers practical advice on how to conduct face-to-face interviews. Extensively updated throughout, this third edition includes three new chapters as well as expanded coverage of the analysis of visit data. It also discusses which industries and product categories are most (and least) suitable to the customer visit technique. The author also covers how the customer visit technique compares to other market research techniques such as focus groups.

part I|1 pages

The Crisis, Recovery Strategies, and Prospects for Latin American Debtors

chapter 1|33 pages

The Road to Default: An Assessment of Debt Crisis Management in Latin America

ByDavid Felix, John P. Caskey

chapter |9 pages


ByErnest J. Bartell

chapter 2|13 pages

Growth and Welfare in Latin American Semi-Industrialized Economies in the 1990s

ByJulio López Gallardo, Clemente Ruiz Durán

chapter |3 pages


ByWilly Van Ryckeghem

part II|1 pages

Political Aspects of the Crisis

chapter |4 pages


ByBarry Ames

chapter |5 pages


ByJeffry A. Frieden

part III|1 pages

Country Studies

chapter 5|30 pages

Country Studies

ByEliana A. Cardoso

chapter 5|3 pages


ByMiguel Molina

chapter 6|22 pages

Debt and Growth in Chile: Trends and Prospects

ByRicardo Ffrench-Davis

chapter |5 pages


BySebastian Edwards

chapter 7|17 pages

Mexico: The Transfer Problem, Profits, and Welfare

ByClemente Ruiz Durán

chapter 7|5 pages


BySylvia Maxfield

part IV|1 pages

Trends in the Sources of International Finance for Latin America

chapter 8|19 pages

The Debt Crisis: From Declining Hegemony to Multilateralism

ByPier Carlo Padoan

chapter |2 pages


ByGary Hufbauer

chapter |3 pages


ByFrancisco Báez Rodríguez

chapter |5 pages


ByClaudio A. Pardo

part V|1 pages

Views from Washington, Wall Street, London

chapter 11|13 pages

The Empire in Decline?

ByDaniel Patrick Moynihan

chapter 12|6 pages

Beyond Baker: The Future of Developing Country Debt

ByHans H. Angermueller

chapter 13|4 pages

Latin American Debt

ByHarold Lever

chapter 14|4 pages

Panel Discussion

ByRudiger Dornbusch

chapter 15|3 pages

Panel Discussion

ByCarlos Tello

chapter 16|3 pages

Question and Answer Session on Part V

Edited ByDavid Felix