"Maude" was written when Christina Rossetti was 19 and examines the heroine's struggle to resist the notion that modesty and domesticity constitute the duties of women. "On Sisterhoods" by Dinah Mulock Craik advocates the encouragement of Anglican sisterhoods.

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chapter |12 pages

Maude: Part 1st

chapter |13 pages

Maude: Part 2nd

chapter |17 pages

Maude: Part 3rd

part |2 pages

On Sisterhoods

chapter |12 pages

On Sisterhoods

part |2 pages

A Woman’s Thoughts About Women

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chapter Chapter I|9 pages

Something To Do

chapter Chapter II|8 pages


chapter Chapter III|11 pages

Female Professions

chapter Chapter IV|11 pages

Female Handicrafts

chapter Chapter V|14 pages

Female Servants 38

chapter Chapter VI|19 pages

The Mistress of a Family

chapter Chapter VII|11 pages

Female Friendships

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chapter Chapter IX|16 pages

Women of the World

chapter Chapter X|14 pages

Happy and Unhappy Women

chapter Chapter XI|13 pages

Lost Women

chapter Chapter XII|22 pages

Growing Old