Documentation and Inquiry in the Early Childhood Classroom explores teacher inquiry, reflection, and research and the documentation of these processes within a variety of school sites and models. Compiling underrepresented inquiry stories from practicing teachers and administrators in early childhood (0–5) classrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area, this book highlights the power of the community in supporting professional development for early childhood educators and the education of young children. Important elements addressed include teacher learning, children’s curricula, parent and community communication, and equity and social justice for teachers, children, and families.

part I|37 pages

Teacher Inquiry in a School-Wide Context

part II|69 pages

Children and Teachers Conducting Inquiry Together

chapter 3|17 pages

The Roots of Learning

Inquiry as a Form of Resistance at a Spanish Immersion Preschool
ByBethica Quinn

chapter 4|16 pages

Learning About Inquiry by Investigating Fish

Mission Head Start Valencia Gardens
ByPatrick Romero

chapter 5|17 pages

Zaida t. Rodriguez early education school

“Telling a Story on the Walls”
ByDaniel R. Meier

chapter 6|17 pages

Stretch The Imagination

ByTracy Neal

part III|63 pages

Teaching Teachers About Documentation and Inquiry

chapter 7|17 pages

Las americas early education school

The Power of a Long-Term Inquiry Group for Educational Transformation
ByIsauro Michael Escamilla

chapter 8|17 pages

Learning Stories As A Tool For Supporting Beginning Teachers’ Inquiry

BySara Sutherland, Josephine Lee

chapter 9|14 pages

Critical Self-Reflection

Exploring Racial Identity with Early Childhood Educators
ByJenine Schmidt

chapter 10|13 pages

Teacher Professional Development In An Urban School District

ByDaniela Leamer Mantilla, Linda R. Kroll

part IV|98 pages

Developing Leadership Through Inquiry

chapter 11|15 pages

Leadership and Inquiry At A Parent Cooperative Preschool

ByMartha Melgoza

chapter 12|16 pages

Alegria Migrant And Seasonal Head Start Center

The Role of Documentation in Research for Professional Learning
ByLinda R. Kroll

chapter 13|15 pages

The Discovery School

Reflection and Inquiry at a Museum-Based Preschool
ByElisa Pagliarulo, Daniel R. Meier

chapter 14|16 pages

George Miller III Children’s Center

Inquiry and Reflection at a Large Urban Head Start Center
ByDaniel R. Meier, Ambreen Khawaja

chapter 15|18 pages

Aquatic Park School

School-Wide Inquiry as a Vehicle for Cultivating a Democratic Learning Community
ByAnne Bauer, Cici Malin

chapter 16|16 pages

Early Childhood Education Policy Context In California

ByLinda R. Kroll