From the exemplary to the notorious to the obscure, this comprehensive and innovative encyclopedia showcases the worthy women of early modern England. Poets, princesses, or pirates, the women of power and agency found in these pages are indeed worth knowing, and this volume will introduce many female figures to even the most established scholars in early modern studies. Rather than using the conventional alphabetical format of the standard biographical encyclopedia, this volume is divided into categories of women. Since many women will fit in more than one category, each woman is placed in the category that best exemplifies her life, and is cross referenced in other appropriate sections. This structure makes the book an interesting read for seasoned scholars of early modern women, while students need not already be familiar with these subjects in order to benefit from the text. Another unusual feature of this reference work is that each entry begins with some incident from the woman’s life that is particularly exciting or significant. Some entries are very brief while others are extensive. Each includes a source listing. The book is well illustrated and liberally sprinkled with quotations of the time either by or about the women in the text.






Beale, Mary Cradock Beale

Horenbout, Susanna Horenbout [Horenbolte] Parker Gilman

Inglis, Esther Inglis Kello

Jane the Fool

Perwich, Susanna Perwich

Teerlinc, Levina Benninck Teerlinc



Abbott, Elizabeth Abbott

Arden, Alice Arden

Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes

Baynton, Mary Baynton

Bridgestone, Ann Bridgestone

Brigge, Mabel Brigge

Bulmer, Margaret Cheyne Bulmer

Caldwell, Elizabeth Caldwell

Chamber, Rebecca Chamber

Champion, Mary Champion

Clarke, Alice Clarke

Cowland, Alice Cowland

Crofte, Elizabeth Crofte

Davis, Alice Davis

Davy, Margaret Davy [Davie]

Dell, Annis Dell

Downes, Katherine Stamfort Downes

Drewry, Anne Drewry [Drewie, Calfield]

Evans, Elizabeth Evans ["Canberry Bess"]

Ferneseede, Margaret Ferneseede

Ferrers, Katherine Ferrers Fanshawe

Francis, Katherine Francis

Frith, Mary Frith ["Moll Cutpurse"]

Greene, Anne Greene

Gunter, Anne Gunter

Hamton, Anne Hamton

Hattersley, Jane Hattersley

Hayward, Petronella Brightred Hayward

Helliker, Joan Helliker

Howard, Frances Howard Devereux Carr, Countess of Essex and Somerset

Hungerford, Agnes Cotell Hungerford

Lake, Mary Ryder Lake

Osborne, Mary Osborne

Page, Eulalia Glanfield Page

Pendleton, Ellen Pendleton Floder

Phelps, Judith Phelps

Rodney, Anne Lake Cecil Rodney, Lady Ros

Saunders, Anne Saunders

Scambler, Martha Scambler

Throckmorton, Frances Brydges Throckmorton

Turner, Ann Norton Turner

Vincent, Margaret Vincent

Wallen, Anne Wallen

Waters, Anne Waters

Welles, Anne Welles

West, Alice West

Willis, Anne Willis

Wolff, Anne Tankerfelde Wolff

Woods, Mary Woods

Wright, Katherine Wright

Wyse, Anne Calthorp Radcliffe Wyse, Countess of Sussex


Barnes, Margaret Barnes ["Long Meg of Westminster"]

Barnham, Alice Barnham

Baynham, Margaret Baynham

Clifford, Anne Clifford Sackville Herbert

Dowe, Katherine Dowe

Draper, Elizabeth Garton Draper

Jefferies, Joyce Jefferies

Percyvale, Thomasine Bonaventure Galle Barnaby Percyvale

Quiney, Elizabeth Philips Quiney

Talbot, Elizabeth Barlow Cavendish St. Loe Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury ["Bess of


Whipp, Elizabeth Whipp

Wilford, Elizabeth Gale Wilford


Ames, Elizabeth Ames [Añes]

Bacon, Anne Gresham Bacon

Bomelius, Jane Bomelius Wennington

Cáceres, Frances de Cáceres Grimaldi

Cisneros, Margaret Harington de Cisneros

Cromwell, Anna Hooftman Palavicino Cromwell

Dare, Eleanor White Dare

Dee, Jane Fromond Dee

Dormer, Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria

Ferdinand, Elizabeth Ferdinand

Gorges, Helena Snackenborg Parr Gorges, Marchioness of Northampton

Gruter, Catherine Tishem Gruter

Guzmán, Maria Enríquez de Toledo y Guzmán, Duchess of Alba

Harington, Anna Keilway Harington

Hooper, Anna de Tscerlas Hooper

Howard, Aletheia Talbot Howard, Countess of Arundel; Baroness Furnivall, Talbot, and

Strange of Blackmere

Hungerford, Anne Dormer Hungerford

Juana de Castile, Queen of Castile and Aragon

Khan, Mariam Khan Hawkins Towerson

Knollys, Odelia de Morada Knollys

Mayerne, Isabella Joachimi Vanderbergh Mayerne

Mayerne, Margaretha Elburg van den Boetzelaer de Chéridos Mayerne

Noailles, Jeanne de Gontault de Noailles

Norris, Mary Fiennes Norris

Pocahontas [Rebecca Rolfe]

Renard, Jeanne Lullier Renard

Rojas, Maria de Rojas

Sherley, Teresa Sampsonia Sherley

Slavery: Englishwomen Kidnapped into Slavery (North Africa and the Middle East)

Southwell, Elizabeth Southwell Dudley

Vasa, Princess Cecilia Vasa

Venegas, Ines de Venegas Blount

Wallop, Elizabeth Harlestone Wallop

Willoughby, Catherine Willoughby Brandon Bertie, Duchess of Suffolk

Winwood, Elizabeth Ball Winwood


Fernandes, Beatriz Fernandes NunÞes

Isya, Omell Faytt Isya [Mary Cook]

Laynnes, Anna Laynnes

Lopez, Sarah Añes Lopez

Luna, Beatriz de Luna Mendes [Gracia Menesia or Gracia Mendes Nasi]

Nones, Isabella Nones

NunÞes, Maria NunÞes

Pudewya, Asya Pudewya [Katherine Wheteley]

Ruiz, Anna Ruiz


Barrington, Judith Lytton Smith Barrington

Beaumont, Isobel Beaumont

Cholmondeley, Mary Holford Cholmondeley

Christmas, Margaret Christmas

Evans, Margery Evans

Hall, Mary Lassells Hall

Harvey, Cordell Annesley Harvey

Hatton, Elizabeth Cecil Hatton Coke

Hoby, Elizabeth Stonor Compton Walshe Hoby

Lister, Susanna Temple Thornhurst Lister

Paston, Katherine Knyvett Paston

Puttenham, Elizabeth Cowdray Paulet Windsor Puttenham

Roper, Jane Fyneux Roper

Suttill, Alice Suttill

Swift, Margaret Swift

Waters, Joan Waters


Burnell, Anne Kirkall Burnell

The Cecils’s Wet Nurse

Dudley, Anne Seymour Dudley Unton, Countess of Warwick

Dudley, Elizabeth Tailboys Wymbish Dudley

Fitzherbert, Dionys Fitzherbert

Radcliffe, Margaret Radcliffe

Whitelocke, Rebecca Bennet Whitelocke

Wife of Edmund Kingesfielde


Allen, Avisa Allen

Baynton, Agnes Rhys Baynton

Blount, Elizabeth Blount Tailboys Fiennes de Clinton

Boleyn, Mary Boleyn Carey Stafford

Britton, Eleanor Britton

Carey, Eleanor Carey

Dacre, Jane Carlisle Dacre

Darrell, Elizabeth Darrell

Davis, Faith Fulford Davis [Davys]

Fitton, Mary Fitton Leveson Polewhele Lougher

Holland, Elizabeth Holland Reppes

Howard, Douglas Howard Sheffield Stafford

Lambert, Jane Lambert Fleetwood

Larke, Joan Larke Legh

Radcliffe, Frances Meautas Shute Radcliffe

Rich, Penelope Devereux Rich Blount, Countess of Devonshire

Shore, Elizabeth Lambert Shore Lynom [Jane Shore]

Vavasour, Anne Vavasour Finch Richardson

Villiers, Frances Coke Villiers


Ascham, Margaret Howe Ascham Rampston

Babington, Mary Darcy Babington Foljambe

Borough, Elizabeth Owen Borough

Bourchier, Margaret Donnington Kitson Long Bourchier, Countess of Bath

Bowker, Agnes Bowker

Burton, Philippa Brooke Calverly Burton

Cavendish, Elizabeth Cecil Cavendish, Countess of Devonshire

Cecil, Dorothy Neville Cecil, Countess of Exeter

Cecil, Frances Brydges Smith Cecil, Countess of Exeter

Cecil, Mary Cheke Cecil

Clifford, Frances Cecil Clifford, Countess of Cumberland

Compton, Mary Beaumont Villiers Rayner Compton, Countess of Buckingham

Cromwell, Baptina Palavicino Cromwell

Daniel, Jane Rehora Daniel

Darcy, Mary Kitson Darcy

Davis, Mary Davis

Digby, Venetia Anastasia Stanley Digby

Donne, Anne More Donne

Fane, Mary Mildmay Fane

Finch, Elizabeth Heaneage Finch, Viscountess Maidstone, Duchess of Winchilsea

Foxe, Agnes Randall Foxe

Gilbert, Anne Aucher [Ager] Gilbert

Googe, Mary Darrell Googe

Gresham, Anne Fernley Read Gresham

Greville, Joan Bromley Greville

Harington, Mary Rogers Harington

Hatton, Alice Fanshawe Hatton

Hervey, Mary Browne Wriothesley Heanage Hervey, Countess of Southampton

Hervey, Penelope Darcy Trenchard Gage Hervey

Hilliard, Alice Brandon Hilliard

Howard, Margaret Audley Dudley Howard, Duchess of Norfolk

Jefferies, Anne Jefferies

Jockey, Joan Jockey de Vere

Monson, Margaret Stewart Howard Monson

More, Alice Harpur Middleton More

Newdigate, Anne Fitton Newdigate

O’Neill, Mabel Bagenal O’Neill

Oxinden, Katherine Sprakeling Oxinden

Parr, Anne Bourchier Parr

Paulet, Elizabeth Seymour Ughtred Cromwell Paulet

Percy, Dorothy Devereux Perrot Percy, Countess of Northumberland

Plantagenet, Elizabeth Grey Dudley Plantagenet, Viscountess Lisle

Plantagenet, Honor Grenville Plantagenet, Vicountess Lisle

Rich, Mary Boyle Rich, Countess of Warwick

Ringley, Jane Peyton Langley Ringley

Robsart, Amy Robsart Dudley

Rogers, Jane Winter Rogers

Russell, Anne Sapcotes Broughton Jerningham Russell, Countess of Bedford

Russell, Katherine Brydges Russell, Countess of Bedford

Sadler, Helen Mitchell Barre Sadler

Sewster, Alice Middleton Alington Sewster

Seymour, Katherine Fillol Seymour

Seymour, Mary Seymour

Sharington, Anne Paget Sharington

Sherley, Judith Bennet Taylor Sherley

Sidney, Barbara Gamage Sidney, Countess of Leicester

Sidney, Dorothy Percy Sidney, Countess of Leicester

Smythe, Dorothy Sidney Spencer Smythe

Somerset, Christian North Somerset

Southwell, Bridget Copley Southwell

Stubbes, Katherine Emmes Stubbes

Styles, Katherine Cooke Skerme Styles

Temple, Dorothy Osborne Temple

Throckmorton, Elizabeth Hussey Hungerford Throckmorton

Ticheborne, Jane Ticheborne

Touchet, Anne Stanley Brydges Touchet, Countess of Castlehaven

Waller, Anne Paget Harcourt Waller

Walsingham, Anne Barne Carleill Walsingham

Walsingham, Ursula St. Barbe Worsley Walsingham

Whitelocke, Frances Willoughby Whitelocke

Willoughby, Elizabeth Littleton Willoughby

Wollacombe, Mary Bassett Wollacombe

Wotton, Margaret Wharton Wotton

Wray, Elizabeth Norris Wray, Baroness Norris of Rycoti

Wyatt, Elizabeth Brooke Wyatt Warner

Wyatt, Jane Hawte Wyatt


Bodley, Ann Cary Ball Bodley

Bradbury, Joan Leche Bodley Bradbury

Carey, Elizabeth Spencer Carey

Cary, Lettice Morison Cary, Viscountess Falkland

Chamberlain, Elizabeth Carey Berkeley Chamberlain

Cioll, Cecilia Gresham Cioll

Clifford, Margaret Russell Clifford, Countess of Cumberland

Cranfield, Rachel Fane Bourchier Cranfield, Countess of Bath

Danvers, Magdalen Newport Herbert Danvers

Drury, Anne Bacon Drury

Dudley, Alice Leigh Dudley

Fiennes, Anne Sackville Fiennes, Lady Dacre

Frankland, Jocosa Trappes Saxey Frankland

Grey, Elizabeth Talbot Grey, Countess of Kent

Herbert, Susan de Vere Herbert

Hobart, Frances Egerton Hobart

Kitson, Elizabeth Cornwallis Kitson

Knyvett, Avice Gibson Knyvett

Lumley, Elizabeth Cornwallis Sandys Lumley

Owen, Alice Wilkes Robinson Owen

Pelham, Dorothy Catesby Dormer Pelham

Radcliffe, Ann Radcliffe Mowlson

Radcliffe, Bridget Morrison Radcliffe, Lady Fitzwalter and Countess of Sussex

Radcliffe, Frances Sidney Radcliffe, Countess of Sussex

Ramsay, Mary Dale Avery Ramsay

Russell, Lucy Harington Russell, Countess of Bedford

Shirley, Dorothy Devereux Shirley Stafford

Townshend, Anne Bacon Townshend

Weld, Mary Slaney Bradgate Weld


Cary, Anne Morgan Cary, Baroness Hunsdon

Digby, Lettice Fitzgerald Digby, Baroness of Offaly

Gráinne Ní Mháille [Grace O’Malley]

Harley, Brillianna Conway Harley

Hazzard, Dorothy Kelly Hazzard

Killigrew, Dorothy Monk Killigrew

Killigrew, Elizabeth Trewinard Killigrew

Stanley, Charlotte de la Trémoille Stanley, Countess of Derby


Allen, Hannah Howse Allen Chapman

Arundell, Blanche Somerset Arundell

Butler, Elizabeth Preston Butler, Duchess of Ormonde

Carter, Ann Carter

Cavendish, Christiana Bruce Cavendish, Countess of Devonshire

Fitzgerald, Eleanor Butler Fitzgerald O’Connor, Countess of Desmond

Halkett, Anne Murray Halkett

Jones, Katherine Boyle Jones

Neville, Jane Howard Neville, Countess of Westmorland

Stuart, Katherine Howard Stuart Livingston, Lady Aubigny and Viscountess Newburgh

Warren, Elizabeth Warren

Whorwood, Jane Ryder Whorwood


Allde, Elizabeth Oulton Allde

Boler, Anne Boler

Fowler, Alice Harris Fowler

Griffin, Anne Griffin

Redman, Elizabeth Pickering Jackson Redman Cholmeley

Trundle, Margery Parton Trundle

Vautrollier, Jacquinetta Vautrollier Field


Breame, Thomasine Breame

Broughton, Elizabeth Broughton

Donnelly, Mary Donnelly [Dornelly]

Evans, Elizabeth Evans

Flower, Rose Flower

Furres, Alice Furres

Hudson, Francis Hudson

Kelsey, Elizabeth Kelsey

Levens, Anne Levens

Luce, Black Luce

Trosse, Jane Trosse


Anne of Cleves

Anne [Anna] of Denmark

Beaufort, Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

Boleyn, Anne Boleyn

Catherine of Aragon

Clifford, Eleanor Brandon Clifford

Clifford, Margaret Clifford Stanley

Douglas, Margaret Douglas Stuart, Countess of Lennox

Grey, Frances Brandon Grey Stokes, Duchess of Suffolk, Marchioness of Dorset

Grey, Jane Grey Dudley, Lady Jane Grey

Grey, Katherine Grey Seymour, Countess of Hertford

Grey, Mary Grey Keyes

Henrietta Maria

Howard, Katherine Howard

Malte, Ethelreda Malte Harington

Parr, Katherine Parr Borough Neville Seymour

Plantagenet, Anne Plantagenet Howard

Plantagenet, Bridget Plantagenet

Plantagenet, Cecily Plantagenet Scrope Welles Kyme

Plantagenet, Elizabeth [Elizabeth of York]

Plantagenet, Katherine Plantagenet Courtenay, Countess of Devon

Seymour, Jane Seymour

Stuart, Arbella Stuart Seymour

Stuart, Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia

Stuart, Mary Stuart, Mary Queen of Scots

Tudor, Elizabeth Tudor, Elizabeth I, Queen of England

Tudor, Margaret Tudor Douglas Stewart, Queen of Scots

Tudor, Mary Tudor Brandon [The French Queen], Duchess of Suffolk

Tudor, Mary Tudor, Mary I, Queen of England


Bacon, Anne Cooke Bacon

Basset, Mary Roper Clarke Basset

Carey, Elizabeth Neville Danvers Carey

Cecil, Mildred Cooke Cecil

Clement, Margaret Giggs Clement

Dauncey, Elizabeth More Dauncey

Durie, Dorothy King Moore Durie

Hastings, Lucy Davies Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon

Heron, Cecily More Heron

Howard, Mary Fitzalan Howard

Killigrew, Katherine Cooke Killigrew

Makin, Bathsua Reginald Makin

Martin, Dorcas Eccleston Martin

Margaret More Roper

Russell, Elizabeth Cooke Hoby Russell

Seymour, Jane and Margaret Seymour

Wolfreston, Frances Middlemore Wolfreston


Bingham, Jinny Bingham [Mother Damnable]

Brierly, Ellen Brierly

Brierly, Jennet Brierly

Brigges, Agnes Brigges

Bulcock, Jane Bulcock

Cason, Joan Cason

Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke

Cromwell, Susan Weeks Cromwell

Cunny, Avis Cunny

Device, Alison Device

Device, Elizabeth Device

Device, Jennet Device

Flower, The Flower Witches: Joan, Margaret, Phillipa

Francis, Elizabeth Francis

Glover, Mary Glover

Gray, Alice Gray

Gregory, Elizabeth Gregory

Hewitt, Katherine Hewitt

Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson

Jones, Rebecca Jones

Kempe, Ursula Kempe

Lakeland, Mary Lakeland

Lightbone, Elizabeth Lightbone

Lowys, Elizabeth Lowys

Molland, Alice Molland

Mylner, Anne Mylner

Nutter, Alice Nutter

Pearson, Margaret Pearson

Pepwell, Agnes Pepwell

Peterson, Joan Peterson

Pindar, Rachel Pindar

Redfearne, Anne Redfearne

Robey, Isobel Robey [Isabel Roby]

Samuel, Agnes Samuel

Samuel, Alice Samuel

Sawyer, Elizabeth Sawyer

Smith, Elleine Smith

Southerns, Elizabeth Southerns

Southgraves, Isabel Southgraves

Southeil, Ursula Southeil [Mother Shipton of Knaresborough]

Southworth, Jane Southworth

Stanton, Margery Stanton

Waterhouse, Agnes Waterhouse

West, Rebecca and Anne West

Whittle, Anne Whittle

Williams, Sarah Williams


Bostocke, Jane Bostocke

Endicott, Anne Gower Endicott

Layton, Margaret Browne Layton

Lucar, Elizabeth Withypoll Lucar

Selby, Dorothy Bonham Selby



Barlow, Agatha Wellesbourne Barlow

Coverdale, Elizabeth Macheson Coverdale

Cranmer, Margaret Cranmer Whitchurch Scott

Lynch, Judith Aylmer Squire Lynch

Matthew, Frances Barlow Parker Matthew

Parker, Margaret Harleston Parker

Ponet, Maria Heyman Ponet Hill


Albright, Anne Albright; Catmer, Joan Catmer; Sole, Joan Sole; Snoth, Agnes Snoth; Knyght,

Katherine Knyght; Snoth, Alice Snoth

Allin, Katherine Allin; Appleby, Petronil Appleby; Bradbridge, Joan Bradbridge; Lewes,

Elizabeth Lewes; Manning, Joan Manning

Allin, Rose Allin; Ewring, Helen Ewring; Folkes, Elizabeth Folkes; Munt, Alice Munt;

Silverside, Agnes Silverside

Ashdon, Joan Ashdon; Groves, Christian Groves; Moris, Margery Moris; Wood, Thomasina


Askew, Anne Askew Kyme

Austoo, Margery Austoo

Benden, Alice Benden; Widow Bradbridge; Final, Barbara Final; Wife of Wilson

Bongeor, Agnes Bongeor and Thurston, Margaret Thurston

Clitherow, Margaret Middleton Clitherow

Cooper, Elizabeth Cooper

Dangerfield, Joan Dangerfield

Dryver, Alice Dryver

George, Agnes George; Pepper, Elizabeth Pepper; George, Christian George

Hide, Margaret Hide and Stanley, Agnes Stanley

Horns, Joan Horns; Hut, Katherine Hut; Thackuel, Elizabeth Thackuel; Ellis, Margaret Ellis

Lewis, Joyce Curzon Appleby Lewis

Line, Anne Heigham Line [St. Anne Line]

Mearing, Margaret Mearing

Ormes, Cecily Ormes

Polley, Margery Polley and Beach, Joan Beach

Potten, Agnes Potten and Trunchfield, Joan Trunchfield

Prest, Agnes Prest

The Guernsey Martyrs: Katherine Cauches, Guillemine Gilbert, and Perotine Massey

Tree, Anne Tree

Warne, Elizabeth Warne; Foster, Isabel Foster; Lashford, Joan Lashford

Waste, Joan Waste


Bulkely, Katherine Bulkeley, Abbess of Godstow

Burroughs, Frances Burroughs

Cary, Clementia [Anne] Cary

Cary, Magdalena [Lucy] Cary

Evelinge, Catherine Magdalene [Elizabeth] Evelinge

Jordan, Isabel Jordan [Jordayne], Abbess of Wilton

More, Bridget More

More, Gertrude [Helen] More

Percy, Mary Percy

Seller, Joan Seller

Thimelby, Winefrid Thimelby

Ward, Mary Ward


Attaway, Mrs. Attaway

Avery, Elizabeth Parker Avery

Barton, Elizabeth Barton

Blaugdone, Barbara Blaugdone

Chidley, Katherine Chidley

Hawkins, Jane Hawkins

Penington, Mary Proude Springett Penington

Simpson, Mary Simpson

Trapnel, Anna Trapnel

Wight, Sarah Wight


Alford, Agnes Augustine Alford

Arundell, Anne Stanley Stourton Arundell

Arundell, Dorothy Arundell

Bellamy, Anne Bellamy

Brome, Eleanor Windsor Brome

Brome, Elizabeth and Bridget Brome

Brookesby, Eleanor Vaux Brookesby

Browne, Magdalen Dacre Browne Montagu

Byrd, Julian Birley Byrd

Cheney, Jane Cheney Wriothesley

Donne, Elizabeth Heywood Donne

Dormer, Margaret Dormer Constable

Egerton, Mary Grosvenor Legh Egerton

Howard, Anne Dacre Howard, Countess of Arundell

Howard, Elizabeth Dacre Howard

Howard, Elizabeth Howard

Howard, Elizabeth Leybourne Dacre Howard, Duchess of Norfolk

Knyvett, Catherine Lovell Knyvett

Lawson, Dorothy Constable Lawson

Lodge, Joan [Jane] Ferneley Aldred Lodge

Marshall, Cecily Hopton Marshall

Mendoza, Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza

Pauncefoot, Dorothy Pauncefoot

Sackville, Margaret Howard Sackville

Talbot, Mary Cavendish Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury

Tregian, Mary Stourton Tregian, Countess of Arundell

Tresham, Muriel Throckmorton Tresham

Vaux, Anne Vaux

Vaux, Elizabeth Fitzhugh Parr Vaux

Vaux, Elizabeth Roper Vaux

Vaux, Mary Tresham Vaux

Woodhouse, Eleanor Woodhouse


Barrington, Joan Cromwell Barrington

Bastwick, Susanna Poe Bastwick

Baxter, Margaret Charlton Baxter

Brettergh, Katherine Bruen Brettergh

Brooke, Elizabeth Culpepper Brooke

Davy, Sarah Roane Davy

Fane, Elizabeth Brydges Fane

Fox, Margaret Askew Fell Fox

Gunter, Mary Creswell Gunter

Honeywood, Mary Atwaters [Waters] Honeywood

Huish, Deborah Huish

Jones, Sarah Hayes Jones

Overton, Mary Overton

Rande, Mary Cary Rande

Turner, Jane Turner

Venn, Anne Venn

Whittingham, Katherine Jacqueman

Wigmore, Winefrid

Young, Elizabeth Young


Arden, Mary Arden Shakespeare

Beaumont, Ursula Isley Beaumont

Bedingfield, Anne Draper Bedingfield

Burbage, Helen [Ellen] Brayne Burbage

Egerton, Alice Spencer Stanley Egerton, Countess of Derby

Hathaway, Anne Hathaway Shakespeare

Heminges, Rebecca Edwards Knell Heminges

Heywood, Joan Rastell Heywood

Price, Goditha Arden Price

Shakespeare, Judith Shakespeare Quiney

Shakespeare, Susanna Shakespeare Hall

Stanley, Anne Hastings Radcliffe Stanley, Countess of Derby



Ashton, Katherine Gordon Warbeck Strangeways Cradock Ashton

Bassett, Anne Bassett Hungerford

Bassett, Katherine Bassett Ashley

Baynton, Isabel Leigh Baynton Stumpe Stafford

Bedingfield, Grace Marney Bedingfield

Boleyn, Elizabeth Wood Boleyn

Boleyn, Jane Parker Boleyn, Lady Rochford

Brooke, Anne Bray Brooke, Baroness Cobham

Bryan, Margaret Bourchier Bryan Soche, Lady Bryan

Carew, Elizabeth Bryan Carew

Champernowne, Mary Norris Carew Champernowne

Courtenay, Gertrude Blount Courtenay, Marchioness of Exeter

Denny, Joan Champernon Denny

Denton, Elizabeth Jerningham Denton

Dudley, Jane Guilford Dudley

Fiennes, Mary Neville Fiennes Wooton Thursby

Fitzwilliam, Mabel Clifford Fitzwilliam

Grey, Anne Jerningham Grey Barley Drury Walsingham

Grey, Margaret Wotton Medley Grey

Guilford, Joan Vaux Guilford Poyntz, Mother Guilford

Hastings, Anne Stafford Herbert Hastings, Countess of Huntington

Herbert, Anne Parr Herbert, Countess of Pembroke

Howard, Agnes Tilney Howard, Duchess of Norfolk

Howard, Elizabeth Stafford Howard

Howard, Margaret Gamage Howard

Jerningham, Elizabeth Jerningham

Josselyn, Dorothy Gates Josselyn

Kingston, Mary Scrope Jerningham Kingston

Lyster, Margery Horsman Lyster

Manners, Eleanor Paston Manners

Manners, Margaret Dymoke Vernon Coffin Manners

Mansel, Cecily Daubridgecourt Mansel

Manuel, Elvira Manuel

Mewtas, Jane Astley Mewtas

Parr, Maud Green Parr

Penne, Sybil Hampden Penne

Pole, Margaret Plantagenet Pole, Countess of Salisbury

Popincourt, Jane Popincourt

Salinas, Maria de Salinas Willoughby

Shelton, Anne Boleyn Shelton

Shelton, Mary Shelton Heveningham Appleyard

Somerset, Elizabeth Browne Somerset

Talbot, Anne Hastings Talbot

Tyrwhitt, Bridget Wiltshire Wingfield Harvey Tyrwhitt

Zouche, Anne Gainsford Zouche

Zouche, Mary Zouche


Arundell, Mary Radcliffe Arundell

Clarenceau, Susan Clarenceau

Paulet, Frances Neville Waldegrave Paulet

Strelley, Frideswide Knight Strelley


Curle, Elizabeth Curle

Kennedy, Janet Kennedy Melville


Astley, Katherine Astley

Broadbelt, Dorothy Broadbelt

Brooke, Frances Howard Fitzgerald Brooke, Countess of Kildare

Brydges, Elizabeth Brydges Kennedy

Carew, Elizabeth Norwich Carew

Cary, Catherine Knyvett Paget Cary

Cecil, Elizabeth Brooke Cecil

Clinton, Elizabeth Fitzgerald Browne Fiennes de Clinton

Cobham, Frances Newton Brooke Cobham

Danvers, Frances Edmonds Doyley Danvers

De Vere, Anne Cecil de Vere, Countess of Oxford

De Vere, Mary De Vere Bertie Hart

Denny, Margaret Edgecumbe Denny

Drury, Elizabeth Stafford Drury Scott

Dudley, Anne Russell Dudley, Countess of Warwick

Dudley, Margaret Cavendish Dudley

Gifford, Eleanor Brydges Gifford

Golding, Margaret Golding de Vere Terrell

Harington, Isabella Markham Harington

Hastings, Katherine Dudley Hastings

Hastings, Mary Hastings

Heneage, Anne Poyntz Heneage

Howard, Katherine Carey Howard, Countess of Nottingham

Ippolyta the Tartarian

Knollys, Katherine Carey Knollys

Knollys, Lettice Knollys Devereux Dudley Blount, Countess of Essex and Leicester

Leighton, Elizabeth Knollys Leighton

Norris, Margaret Williams Norris

Paget, Nazaret Newton Southwell Paget

Parry, Blanche Parry

Raleigh, Elizabeth Throckmorton Raleigh

Sandys, Elizabeth Sandys Berkeley

Scrope, Philadelphia Carey Scrope

Scudamore, Mary Shelton Scudamore

Seymour, Anne Stanhope Seymour Newdigate

Sidney, Mary Dudley Sidney

Somerset, Elizabeth Hastings Somerset

Southwell, Elizabeth Howard Southwell Stewart

Stafford, Dorothy Stafford

Thynne, Maria Touchet Thynne

Tyrwhitt, Bridget Manners Tyrwhitt

Vavasour, Frances Vavasour Sherley

Vernon, Elizabeth Vernon Wriothesley

Walsingham, Frances Walsingham Sidney Devereux Burke, Countess of Essex and Clanrickard


Bulstrode, Cecily Bulstrode

Carey, Elizabeth Treviannon Witthrington Carey

Howard, Frances Howard Prannell Seymour Stuart, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox

Howard, Katherine Knyvett Rich Howard

Kerr, Jane Drummond Kerr

Middlemore, Mary Middlemore

Walsingham, Audrey Shelton Walsingham


Boyle, Elizabeth Feilding Boyle, Countess of Guilford

Conquest, Elizabeth Thimbleby Conquest

Douglas, Anne Villiers Douglas Dalkeith, Countess of Morton

Feilding, Susan Villiers Feilding, Countess of Denbigh

Hamilton, Mary Feilding Hamilton, Marchioness of Hamilton

Hay, Lucy Percy Hay, Countess of Carlisle

Killigrew, Cecily Crofts Killigrew

Kirke, Anne Killigrew Kirke

Macdonnell, Katherine Manners Villiers Macdonnell, Duchess of Buckingham

Noel, Anne Feilding Noel

Sackville, Mary Curzon Sackville, Countess of Dorset

Savage, Elizabeth Darcy Savage, Countess Rivers

Seymour, Dorothy Seymour

St. Georges, Jeanne de Harlay St. Georges

Stewart, Sophia Carew Neville Stewart

Villiers, Eleanor Villiers

Weston, Anne Boteler Blount Weston, Countess of Newport


Aston, Katherine Thimelby Aston

Austen, Katherine Wilson Austen

Bacon, Jane Meautys Cornwallis Bacon

Banckes, Elizabeth Banckes

Benny, Jennyfer Benny

Boughton, Mrs. Boughton

Bowyer, Ann Bowyer Ashmole

Bradstreet, Anne Dudley Bradstreet

Cary, Elizabeth Tanfield Cary, Lady Falkland

Cavendish, Jane Cavendish Cheyne

Cavendish, Margaret Lucas Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle

Cheke, Mary Hill Cheke McWilliams

Clinton, Elizabeth Knevitt Clinton

Collyn, Marie Harvey Collyn

Davies, Eleanor Touchet Davies Douglas

Docwra, Anne Waldegrave Docwra

Dover, Sibella Cole Sanford Dover

Dowriche, Anne Edgcumbe Dowriche Villiers

Dyer, Katherine D’Oyley Dyer

Egerton, Bridget Grey Egerton

Egerton, Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton

Fage, Mary Fage

Fettiplace, Elinor Poole Fettiplace Rogers

Finch, Eleanora Wyatt Finch

Fowler, Constance Aston Fowler

Foxe, Emma Foxe

Grymeston, Elizabeth Bernye Grymeston

Hoby, Margaret Dakins Devereux Sidney Hoby

Hutchinson, Lucy Apsley Hutchinson

Isham, Elizabeth Isham

Joceline, Elizabeth Brooke Joceline

King, Anne King Dutton Howe

Lanyer, Aemilia Bassano Lanyer

Leigh, Dorothy Kempe Leigh

Ley, Anna Norman Ley

Lock, Anne Vaughan Lock Dering Prowse

Lumley, Jane Fitzalan Lumley

Mildmay, Grace Sharington Mildmay

Moulsworth, Martha Prynne Thorowgood Moulsworth

Moyle, Anne Lock Moyle

Munda, Constantia

Neville, Frances Manners Neville

Nurse of Donald Gorm

Oxlie, Mary Oxlie

Philips, Katherine Fowler Philips

Primrose, Diana Primrose

Pulter, Hester Ley Pulter

Richardson, Elizabeth Beaumont Ashburnham Richardson, Baroness of Cramond

Seager, Jane Seager Plumtree

Sibthorpe, Anne Harris Southwell Sibthorpe

Sidney, Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke

Sowernam, Ester Sowernam

Speght, Rachel Speght Procter

Sutcliffe, Alice Woodhouse Sutcliffe

Thimelby, Gertrude Aston Thimelby

Thomas, Katherine Bridges Thomas

Thorne, Ellin Thorne

Thornton, Alice Wandesford Thornton

Throckmorton, Rose Lock Hickman Throckmorton

Tyler, Margaret Tyler

Tyrwhit, Elizabeth Oxenbridge Tyrwhit

Weston, Elizabeth Jane Weston Leo [Elisabetha Joanna Westonia]

Wheathill, Anne Wheathill

Whitney, Isabella Whitney

Wolley, Hannah Wolley Challiner

Wroth, Mary Sidney Wroth

Wyat, Hester Wyat