This book is a study of the settlement of legionary veterans during the principate, and discovers why legionary veterans were settled in colonies, when such settlements ceased to be made, and where the men preferred to settle when the choice was left to them.

LIST OF TABLES -- INTRODUCTION -- CHAPTER ONE: Legionary Recruitment and Veteran Settlement in the Late Republic -- CHAPTER TWO: The Evidence for Legionary Recruitment and Veteran Settlement during the Principate -- Africa -- Spain -- Britain -- Germania Inferior -- Germania Superior -- Note on recruitment to the German legions -- Upper Illyricum, later Dalmatia -- Lower Illyricum, later Pannonia -- Noricum and Raetia -- Moesia -- Dacia -- Note on recruitment to vexillations serving on the Danube -- Syria, Palestine, Arabia and Mesopotamia -- Cappadocia -- Egypt -- Note on recruitment in Egypt II Parthica -- CHAPTER THREE: The Development of Legionary Recruitment and Veteran Settlement in the Principate -- CHAPTER THREE: Recruitment in the Julio-Claudian Period(cont.) -- Recruitment under the Flavians and Trajan -- Veteran Settlement to the end of Trajan's reign -- Recruitment and Veteran Settlement from Hadrian to Diocletian -- APPENDIX: The Dating of the Lambaesis Dedication-lists -- ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE TEXT AND TABLES -- INTRODUCTORY NOTE TO TABLES -- TABLES 1 - 32 -- NOTE TO TABLE 33 160 -- TABLE 33: Legionary movements and stations to AD 230 facing p.160 -- BIBLIOGRAPHY -- FOOTNOTES -- INDEX.