In recent years education has become increasingly perceived as an area of risk. A number of highly publicised incidents have heightened awareness of the potential dangers to be found in teaching intuitions. Although there is now a substantial conceptual literature on risk and the meaning of the risk society, such ideas have not to date been rigorously applied to the educational sector.

The authors of this innovative volume, first published in 2005, address this gap, discussing the relevance of risk discourses of educational processes. This book will greatly interest both sociologists and educationalists interested in the interaction between education and contemporary trends in society.

Preface;  Part 1: Theoretical Considerations of Risk;  1. Risk, Education and Culture: Interpreting Danger as a Dynamic, Culturally Situated Process Andrew Hope  2. Knowledge, Risk and Existentialism Paul Oliver  3. Risk and Education: A Distortion of Reality Linda Eastwood and Chris Ormondroyd  4. Risk, Education and Postmodernity Paul OliverPart 2: Case Studies in Risk and Education;  5. ‘Moral Panic’, Internet Use and Risk Perspectives in Educational Organisations Andrew Hope  6. Schooling, Actuarialism and Social Exclusion: Using the Education System to Serve the Broader Political Purposes of Law and Order Simone Bull  7. Young People’s Attitudes to Drug Education Matthew Pearson  8. Risks and Uncertainties in Vocational Education in Africa Nkongho Arrey Arrey-Ndip  9. Risk Management in School Based Design and Technology Jeff Knox  10. Higher Education in Further Education: A Risky Business or Too Good to Miss Freda Bridge  11. Work-Based Learning and its Associated Risk Gwendolen Bradshaw  12. Educating for Risk: How Social Work Degree Students Prepare to Practise as Social Workers Ros Day  13. Knowledge Capture, Knowledge Rendering and Knowledge Use in a Metropolitan Fire Service Trevor Austin  14. Negotiating Risks in Career Development Charles P. Chen  15. Diversity, Risk, Excellence and the Public Good in Education Kay Adamson  16. Educating About Donor Insemination: Managing Risky Identities in Donor Insemination Catherine Donovan and Nigel Watson;  Index