From chatelaines to whale blubber, ice making machines to stained glass, this six-volume collection will be of interest to the scholar, student or general reader alike - anyone who has an urge to learn more about Victorian things. The set brings together a range of primary sources on Victorian material culture and discusses the most significant developments in material history from across the nineteenth century. The collection will demonstrate the significance of objects in the everyday lives of the Victorians and addresses important questions about how we classify and categorise nineteenth-century things. The fourth volume will look at raw materials that were handled and used by Victorians including blubber and coal.




Part 1. Animal Kingdom

1.1 Meat

Headnote 1.1

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1.2. Animal products: blubber/baleen, fur, ivory

Headnote 1.2

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Part 2. Vegetable Kingdom

2.1 Agriculture and Trade

Headnote 2.1

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2.2 Cotton

Headnote 2.2

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2.3 Sugar

Headnote 2.3

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2.4 Indigo, opium and tea

Headnote 2.4

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2.5 Rubber

Headnote 2.5

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Part 3. Mineral Kingdom

3.1 Coal

Headnote 3.1

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3.2 Gold

Headnote 3.2

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3.3 Diamonds

Headnote 3.3

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