No event shaped the twentieth century more than World War II, and no leader shaped the conduct of the war and the formation of the modern world more than President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this anthology, leading scholars examine Roosevelt's role in the international arena, focusing on his diplomacy with Europe, Russia, the Baltic States, Canada, and the Caribbean; his relations with American Jews in the face of the Holocaust; his military appointments; and the operation of the Civilian War Services Division.

chapter |9 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

FDR's Foreign Policy Persona

chapter 3|14 pages

Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Strategic Vulnerability

ByDavid M. Esposito

chapter 4|19 pages

FDR and Limited War in Europe: A Plausible Middle Course?

ByStephen G. Bunch 59

chapter 6|29 pages

. FDR and the Baltic States

ByMaris A. Mantenieks

chapter 9|12 pages

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Caribbean, and the Postcolonial World

ByThomas C. Howard 157