Agonistes comprises a collection of essays presented by his friends and colleagues to Denis O'Brien, former Directeur de recherché at the Centre Nationale de Recherché Scientifique, representing the full range of his scholarly interests in the field of ancient philosophy, from the Presocratics, through Plato, Aristotle and Hellenistic philosophy, to Plotinus and later Neoplatonism. The honorand himself leads off with a stimulating Apologia, sketching the development of his scholarly interests and dwelling on the issues that have chiefly concerned him. The contributions then follow in chronological order, under four headings: I From the Presocratics to Plato (Frère, Brancacci); II From Plato to the Stoics (Brisson, Casertano, Dixsaut, Kühn, McCabe, Narcy, Rowe, Goulet); III Plotinus and the Neoplatonist Tradition (O'Meara, Sakonji, Gersh, Steel, Dillon, Smith); IV Saint Augustine and After (Pépin, Rist, Brague/Freudenthal). They comprise a significant representation of the most distinguished scholars both on the continent and in the British Isles, and fairly represent the wide influence which Denis O'Brien has had on his contemporaries. The volume includes also a full bibliography of O'Brien's works.

part I|21 pages

From the Presocratics to Plato

chapter |10 pages

Les Dieux d’Élée et D’Agrigente

ByJean Frère

chapter |9 pages

Les Tropoi de Damon

37 B 2 et B 10 DK
ByAldo Brancacci

part II|154 pages

From Plato to the Stoics

chapter 3|12 pages

Un Monde Abandonné à Lui-Même

ByLuc Brisson

chapter |15 pages

Sollevare in Alto Gli Occhi Dell’Anima

Qualche Riflessione Su Un’immagine Platonica*
ByGiovanni Casertano

chapter 5|22 pages

Réfutation et Dialectique

ByMonique Dixsaut

chapter |32 pages

La Forme du Bien, Principe de Motivation ou de Savoir

ByWilfried Kühn

chapter |13 pages

Does Your Plato Bite? *

ByMary Margaret McCabe

chapter |17 pages

Hommes et Monstres: Platon et Socrate Parlent de la Nature Humaine *

ByChristopher J. Rowe

part III|63 pages

Plotinus and the Neoplatonist Tradition

chapter |7 pages

The Metaphysics of Evil in Plotinus: Problems and Solutions

ByDominic J. O’Meara

chapter |7 pages

On Evil: Some Comments on Dr O’Brien’s Interpretation

BySachiko Sakonji

chapter |17 pages

Le Jugement de Proclus sur le Style du Parménide 0

ByCarlos Steel

chapter |8 pages

Empedocles’ Cosmic Cycle in the Later Platonist Tradition

ByJohn Dillon

chapter |5 pages

More Neoplatonic Ethics

ByAndrew Smith

part IV|43 pages

Saint Augustine and After

chapter |15 pages

Saint Augustin et l’inhabitation des idées en Dieu

ByJean PÉpin

chapter |17 pages

Ni EmpÉDocle, ni Plotin

Pour le Dossier du Pseudo-EmpÉDocle Arabe
ByRÉmi Brague et Gad Freudenthal