The anonymous author who has come to be known as Fredegar put together a collection of historical sources, together with items of his own composing in the second half of the 7th century. His work forms the most important source for the history of France in the period 594 to 642. It was added to in the mid 8th century, in two continuations that provide vital evidence for their own time. Gregory I (590-604) is often considered the first medieval pope; and as fourth doctor of the church, he is the first exponent of a truly medieval spirituality. This book has three parts: a biography concentrates on analyzing Gregory's actions as pope, in the light of spiritual concerns expressed in his literary works; a second section examines individual works and controversies and questions about them, it also provides information about manuscripts and editions; the final section is a select bibliography encompassing the many aspects of Gregorian scholarship.

Contents: Gregory the Great, Carole Straw; Gregory's Rome and his early life; Gregory's activities as Bishop of Rome; The pope and the Church universal; Relations with secular authorities; Conclusions; Appendices; Bibliography. Fredegar, Roger Collins. ’Fredegar’?; Structure and contents of the Chronicle; One author or many?; Fredegar's sources; Fredegar's politics; Fredegar's language; The continuators; Bibliography.