This volume contains key articles and chapters which represent both seminal and innovative scholarship on European theatre performance practice from 1750 to 1900. The selected topics focus on acting and performance, staging (including set design and lighting), and audiences, and are approached with a broad perspective as well as with in-depth, focussed analysis. The volume captures the rich, dynamic and variegated nature of European theatre throughout the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and provides a carefully selected body of significant texts on this important period of theatre history.



ByJim Davis

part I|255 pages

Acting and Performance

chapter 1|36 pages

Nature to Advantage Dressed: Eighteenth-Century Acting

ByAlan S. Downer

chapter 2|24 pages

Vitalism and the Crisis of Sensibility

ByJoseph R. Roach

chapter 3|10 pages

Garrick, the Ghost and the Machine

ByJoseph R. Roach

chapter 7|30 pages

Researching the Acting of French Melodrama, 1800–1830

ByGabrielle Hyslop

chapter 9|55 pages

Players and Painted Stage

Nineteenth Century Acting
ByAlan S. Downer

chapter 10|13 pages

On Natural Acting.

ByGeorge Henry Lewes

part II|135 pages

Staging, Scenery and Lighting

chapter 11|22 pages

Lighting at the King’s Theatre, Haymarket, 1780–82

ByJudith Milhous

chapter 13|7 pages

The German Stage in the Nineteenth Century

ByBrigitte Schatzky

chapter 15|25 pages

The Modern Theatre—The Stage

ByM.J. Moynet, Allan S. Jackson, M. Glen Wilson

chapter 16|9 pages

Professor Pepper’s Ghost

ByGeorge Speaight

chapter 17|10 pages

Erasing the Spectator: Observations on Nineteenth Century Lighting

ByVictor Emeljanow

chapter 18|6 pages

Art in the Theatre.

ByWilliam Telbin

chapter 19|7 pages

Art in the Theatre.

The Painting of Scenery.
ByWilliam Telbin

chapter 20|5 pages

Art in the Theatre.

ByAugustus Harris

part III|112 pages


chapter 22|34 pages

From courts to consumers: theater publics

ByJames Van Horn Melton

chapter 23|22 pages

Tears and the New Attentiveness

ByJames H. Johnson

chapter 24|17 pages

Working-class audiences

ByF.W.J. Hemmings

chapter 25|16 pages

The Audiences of the Britannia Theatre, Hoxton

ByClive Barker

chapter 26|20 pages

New Views of Cheap Theatres: Reconstructing the Nineteenth-Century Theatre Audience

ByJim Davis, Victor Emeljanow