Around the fringe of Europe lies a green ring of countries which have followed different pathways into modernity from the industrial core of the continent and have, until recently, been characterized by a strong agrarian presence in their politics, economy and culture. This book brings together case studies from both the post-socialist countries and EU member states which make up the green ring to compare experiences of rural and agricultural groups. It provides a fascinating opportunity to identify similarities and contrasts in the ways in which these countries have managed their rural areas when faced with the challenges set by industrialization, political integration and globalization. The book focuses on agrarian transformation as de- (and sometimes re-) peasantization - referring to the changing economic, social, cultural and political positions of farmers and food production workers. It also problematizes the standard rural models and opens up discussion of the problems these models pose for the farmers of the green ring countries.

part I|155 pages

Central and Eastern European Countries in the Green Ring

chapter 2|23 pages

De-peasantisation of the Hungarian Rurality

ByImre Kovách

chapter 3|18 pages

The Changing Role of Agriculture in the Czech Countryside

ByVěra Majerová

chapter 4|20 pages

Rural Change in Bulgarian Transitions

ByBob Begg, Mieke Meurs

chapter 7|27 pages

Post-traditional or Post-modern Rurality? Cases from East Germany and Russia

ByKarl Bruckmeier, Marina Olegowna Kopytina

part II|88 pages

Mediterranean Countries in the Green Ring

chapter 9|19 pages

Shifting Rurality: The Spanish Countryside after De-peasantisation and De-agrarianisation

ByJesús Oliva, Luis A. Camarero

chapter 10|25 pages

Portugal: The Emergence of the 'Rural Question'

ByIsabel Rodrigo, Manuel Belo Moreira

chapter 11|20 pages

Reconstructing Rurality in Mediterranean Italy

ByMaria Fonte

part III|74 pages

The Green Ring in the North of Europe

part IV|10 pages

The Future of Peasants in Europe's Green Ring

chapter 15|8 pages


ByLeo Granberg, Imre Kovách, Hilary Tovey