Globalization: Causes and Effects is the culmination of an eleven volume series that defines and explains the scholarly field of International Relations. Highlighting primary scholarly accomplishments in the field, this final title frames the sub-field of 'Globalization' and documents the fundamental milestones in thinking about and understanding this phenomenon. 'Globalization' is ripe for work integrating a wide range of leading research results and assessing its findings as a whole. Together, the pioneering articles selected for this book represent the most important scholarly contributions published to date on the main dimensions of globalization. The majority of the authors are political scientists, but a substantial number are economists, sociologists and historians. The volume covers Forms, Origins, and Causes; Political Dimensions and Implications; Economic and financial Impacts; Identity, Culture, and Civilization; and The Future of Globalization.

Contents: Introduction; Part I Forms, Origins and Causes: Transnational relations and world politics: an introduction, Joseph S. Nye Jr and Robert O. Keohane; Globalization, convergence, and history, Jeffrey G. Williamson; The causes of globalization, Geoffrey Garrett. Part II Political Dimensions and Implications: The end of history?, Francis Fukuyama; Globalization and the decline of the welfare state in less-developed countries, Nita Rudra; Regulating globalization? The reinvention of politics, David Held; Abiding sovereignty, Stephen D. Krasner; Governance in a global economy: political authority in transition, Miles Kahler and David A. Lake; Governance in a partially globalized world, Robert O. Keohane; Transnational advocacy networks in international and regional politics, Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink. Part III Economic and Financial Impacts: Is financial globalization beneficial?, Frederic S. Mishkin; Globalization and growth in emerging markets and the new economy, Joseph E. Stiglitz; Is the crisis problem growing more severe?, Michael Bordo, Barry Eichengreen, Daniela Klingebiel and Maria Soledad Martinez-Peria; Globalisation, social conflict, and economic growth, Dani Rodrik; Global financial governance and the problem of inclusion, Randall D. Germain. Part IV Identity, Culture and Civilization: The world in pieces: culture and politics at the end of the century, Clifford Geertz; The clash of civilizations?, Samuel P. Huntington; Globalization: sources and effects on national states and societies, John W. Meyer; Globalization or denationalization?, Saskia Sassen. Part V The Future of Globalization: International integration and national corruption, Wayne Sandholtz and Mark M. Gray; The nation-state and the natural environment over the 20th century, David John Frank, Ann Hironaka and Evan Schofer; The long term effects of globalization on income inequality, population growth, and economic development, Jeffrey Kentor; Globalisation, extremism and violence in poor countries, Richard Sandbrook and David Romano; How far will international economic integration go?, Dani Rodrik; Name index.